With the Swiss watchmaking process the Montblanc watch series will be excellent tradition

Citizen’s predecessor for the Japanese Institute of Planning and Research, was founded in 1918. CITIZEN brand timing products began in 1924, is a pocket watch. At that time, the Mayor of Tokyo, Mr. Goto Shinping expected this painstakingly developed Japanese-made pocket watch to become “CITIZEN, that is, all the citizens of the world close to the favorite” products, so named “CITIZEN”. With such a good wish, “Citizen Times Co., Ltd.” was formally established in 1930. All along, Citizen are “for the public favorite, for the public to contribute” as a corporate philosophy.
What brand is CITIZEN?
Citizen is a world-renowned watch brand, that all citizens of the world to provide high-grade products and high standards of service for the mission, hope that through the “favorite for the public, close to the public” products, contribute to the good imitation Cartier love bracelet life of all mankind The As a large multinational company, Citizen Group in Japan with 46 enterprises, Japan has 64 overseas branches, the global total of 110 branches. All along, adhering to the never-ending spirit of innovation and continue to challenge the brand concept of the future, Citizen has always been in the international watch industry’s leading position.

Citizen has developed into a large multinational company. Citizen Group has 46 companies in Japan, Japan has 64 branches overseas, the global total of 110 branches, more than 26,000 employees worldwide. In addition to the scope of business watch industry, but also related to electronic equipment, communications products, machinery and equipment, and other fields. Citizen City is the core enterprise of Citizen Group. Citizen City Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive watch manufacturers, set product development, production, marketing in one, all departments with the machine, with the fastest speed to respond to market demand.

From 2007 onwards, Citizen (China) Co., Ltd. watches and clocks in the country began to flagship stores and stores, to enrich the full range of products, elegant and comfortable environment, and staff meticulous patience to fully meet the people of personalized, The need for shopping. The Chinese market has become the third largest market in Citizen. Citizen has always attached importance to the common development of Chinese society, and strive to carry out the activities to contribute to the local community, always adhere to their own corporate social responsibility, over the years actively sponsor sports events, funding public welfare, and committed to the concept of environmental protection The
Many people do not know what brand Montblanc is, in fact, Montblanc is Montblanc’s English name, is a well-known German brand, Montblanc Montblanc International is a subsidiary of Richemont in Germany, a fine pen, watches and accessories manufacturers. Was founded in 1906 in Hamburg, Germany by a stationery business, an engineer, and a banker. In 1911, the company was founded with the name of Simplo Filler Pen Company before adopting Montblanc’s trademark. The company was later owned by Dunhill and is now part of the Richemont form.
For nearly a century, Montblanc has been known for producing fine and high quality Replica Cartier jewelry writing tools. In the past few years, Montblanc’s product line gradually expanded, extended to the elegant writing accessories, watch industry, luxury leather and belt, jewelry and glasses. Montblanc has also become a spokesman for high-end products, reflects the contemporary era of high-quality design, long tradition and superb skills of rigorous demand.
For nearly a century, Montblanc Montblanc has been famous for making classic writing instruments. The name of the Montblanc represents the art of writing, the hexagonal white star mark of the pen, and the shape of the highest mountain peaks in Europe, which symbolizes the highest in Europe The highest point of the mountain is the elevation of 4810 meters above sea level, and the “4810” on each pen tip is the height of the Mont Blanc, which is usually used as a variety of theme. And pure hand-made, after 25 processes to create the writing, but also makes MONT BLANC writing tools such as Mont Blanc as solid and noble.
Classical and classic are often gathered in one. When the technology in our lives in the ever-changing development of the ancient culture of the magic evolved into the hearts of art. “Slow down the pace, enjoy life” is the philosophy of Montblanc. In Montblanc’s products, you can see the human time with the spirit of sharpening, see a period of precipitation for nearly a hundred years of culture.
What brand is Montblanc?
How about Montblanc
With the Swiss watchmaking process, the Montblanc watch series will be excellent tradition and perfect design clever combination. The hexagonal white star of the table and the side of the case engraved Meisterstück words, to convey it with the world famous MontBlanc pencils consistent with the excellent quality.
Boucheron is the jewelery company of the French Kering Group. In 1858, only 28-year-old designer Boucheron set up his own brand and opened boutiques in Paris, the most fashionable royal palaces, designed many precious jewels, Watch and perfume. The 21st century, Boucheron adhere to the brand’s unique traditional www.ourlovestore.com connotation, become bold and luxurious synonymous with modern jewelery.
Boucheron Brand Introduction
Boucheron always holds the pulse of the times, drawing inspiration from Russian ballet, cubism, decorative arts, African art and popular arts. Boucheron’s glorious career continues to advance, its unique design process and conquered the Sofia Roland, Nicole Kidman, Julian Moore, Susan Sarandon and other world superstar, but also by the Indian borders, Iran King, and the British, Bulgarian and Egyptian royal family of all ages.

Now, Boucheron has become an international brand, in Europe, Russia, the United States, Japan, Korea and China Taiwan and other places to open boutiques, and in mainland China opened the first boutique – Bund 18 stores. Boucheron is one of the few jewelers in the world who have always maintained high quality jewelery and watch craftsmanship and traditional style.

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