with a white rubber band or Silk belt simple and handsome show

Marine series 5827 chronometer table diameter 42 mm, equipped with Cal.583 self-winding chronograph movement, calendar and timing function, waterproof 100 meters, there are rose gold, platinum two styles, strap optional crocodile skin or rubber.

In 5827 on the basis of the development of 5829 high-level jewelry models, bezel, case, crown, lugs, buttons are set with rectangular diamonds, platinum dial and inner ring with sapphire, rose gold is changed to ruby , Luxurious and beautiful, unusual.

While in the No. 5837 Marine watch combines Breguet’s voyage tradition and another major invention tourbillon. Its movement Cal.554 is the first Breguet with a bird escapement movement watch. Not only is the balance wheel, the escapement wheel and the fork imitation Cartier love bracelet are also made of siliceous material. Tourbillon base with titanium metal material. Through these materials can be more light tourbillon, it also has better seismic performance, non-magnetic, because it does not need lubrication, so it is easier to adjust. It is also very few will Tourbillon and timing functions integrated products, modeling special Tourbillon front engraved on the “Navy watch manufacturers” words. Diameter 42 mm, waterproof 100 m, Marine Tourbillon chronograph rose gold and platinum models.

In addition, as a basis, Breguet also developed a number 5839 high-level jewelry, the diameter increased to 43 mm, bezel, case, crown, lugs, buttons are set with rectangular or trapezoidal diamond, Diamonds, domineering.

No. 5847 watch was named Marine Royale, the Royal sailing, is a rare waterproof depth of 300 meters of the diving diving watch. Underwater tests have shown that the sound spreads faster in the air than in air. Sound transmission depends on the transmission of the medium, the higher the density of the environment, the more conducive to the transmission effect. The speed of sound in the water is 4 times the speed of the water. And because the underwater environment is generally quieter than the open air environment, so hear the sound of the alarm underwater is more clear. Gold alarm set crown and switch button outer rubber protection, easy to operate. In order to improve the readability of the watch in the darkest underwater environment, the watch’s minute scale, minute hand and hour hand are painted with super luminous coating, while the clock and alarm scale is painted with blue Replica Cartier jewelry fluorescent material. 10 o’clock position as the power reserve display blue triangular indicators also coated with luminous material. Self-winding Cal.519 movement with alarm system, but also with the date and power reserve, alarm status display, diameter 45 mm, platinum and rose gold style, rubber strap models.

No. 5857 of the Marine series of new members, mining unprecedented two time style, with stainless steel or 18K rose gold material for presentation. Marine GMT 5857 Very sharp high resolution, including 42 mm in diameter case, welded ear, rubber strap and crown protection device, exudes a military table unique fortitude tough and agile action of the character. Different materials with different colors face plate, emphasizing its obvious contrast effect; stainless steel style silver plated face plate, and 18K rose gold is coated with black rhodium quality face plate. Hour markers also use different styles to do the difference; to Roman numerals represent the standard time zone, Arabic numerals represent the second time zone. Self-winding movement Cal.517F power reserve 72 hours, the use of silicon escapement device and silicon flat balance spring, to ensure the accuracy of the balance wheel vibration frequency.

In the field of female watch, the number 8818 of the Marine Lady diameter of 30 mm, gold and platinum models, bezel, ear and Fritus dial diamonds, crown inlaid sapphire, automatically linked to the big three-pin, with a white rubber band or Silk belt, simple and handsome show.

No. 8827 The Marine Women’s Chronograph Movement Cal.550 maintains the world’s smallest self-winding chronograph movement for a long time. Diameter 34.6 mm, 50 meters waterproof, platinum, rose gold, with a white rubber band, fresh and unique content.

No. 8828 of the table is based on the development of the former, in the bezel, lugs and Fritillaria are set inlaid diamonds in www.ourlovestore.com , to the traditional Marine embellishment bright style.

In this year, in order to commemorate the Breguet as the French Royal Navy watchmaker 200 anniversary, Breguet launched a very precious chronograph: “200 ans de Marine” 5823 navigation chronograph. This automatic winding chronograph limited edition of 200, using platinum case, noble temperament. In addition, the hand-carved gold pendulum Tuo uses black and rhodium-plated two-color design. Matte black gold dial can clearly show hours and minutes, the center has a chronograph second hand and minute hand, two small dial is a 9 o’clock position of the small second dial, the other is 6 o’clock position timer. The date window at 6 o’clock makes this watch perfect. This 42mm diameter watch is equipped with a black rubber strap.

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