What is civilization? This seems to be a big topic

What is civilization? This seems to be a big topic. But at least I can say that civilization is not shouting out of the slogan, civilization is actually reflected in our city, the rural environment and everyone’s words and deeds, embodied in every detail of our daily life!
May 23, my wife and I went to the Orsay Museum to visit Cartier love bracelet replica, see a lot of people queuing up, just to find a few people on the team row. At this time a manager immediately told us to go to the other side of the team to enter the ticket. We had to turn around, but just took the footsteps, and listen to the management staff stopped us, please let us go back, allowing us to quickly come here from the ticket to visit. I thought, probably she noticed our white hair and moved the mercy of the heart? Of course, like this respect for the old examples, in our country is also everywhere to reflect … …
There is a little thing even more amazing to me: not far from where we live there is a small subway station called Mala Kewei, where there is no special ticket, only one automatic ticket machine. One day, I went to buy a subway ticket, first into a euro coin, and into a few dozen coins, but when I want to stuff into the last 5 minutes coins, do not want to align the currency, Jumped to two meters away from the place, I had to pick up the coins. When I picked it up, I was surprised at the scene: automatic ticket machine waiting for me to put the last 5 minutes coin, as I “spit” out of a ticket! I have a closer look, this ticket is Cartier love ring replica¬†slightly different from the normal ticket, it is longer than the normal ticket length, seems to be reminded me: Although your money is not enough, but I still give you a ticket, please your next Pay attention to Oh! I am very lament: how this is a humane design! Ticket machine a small program design, fully embodies the goodwill of people, trust and understanding. Well, I must remember the “you” goodwill, but I was in the adult sensible after is a “prefer people to me, I will never accept people”, so I decided to keep “you” give me this ticket , It will be collected.
This little thing can not help but also reminds me of 1986 when I passed the Paris two details. Once I took the bus over the station, the results of more than two stations to the terminal station. The sales staff on the car that I should get off at the first two stops, they are very polite to me: it does not matter, the car will return after 10 minutes, you go back by car it wants. I asked one question: should I buy a ticket again? Answer is very simple: do not need! Another time, I take the subway, obviously I accidentally touched the front of the human feet, but wait for me to apologize to him imitation Cartier love bracelet, the other side came back to me and said: “Pardon!” (Sorry!).

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