We have played the spring We also know that injecting energy into it will shrink the absorption of energy

In the metallurgical technology is not developed more than two hundred years ago in ancient Europe, because the conditions of the master used to make the clockwork or simple ordinary steel winding. This spring is rolled with steel after quenching, because the surface in order to rust, so do the roast blue rust treatment, so we also call it blue steel winding. The early clockwork is not like the release of the S-shaped, but the simple coiled like a mosquito-like shape, when the tightening it will be tightened to the center. In fact, like a spring, just change the direction of movement only. We have played the spring We also know that injecting energy into it will shrink the absorption of energy, the spring is relaxed when the release of energy, this process is a release of energy straight line weak process. This linear weak energy release is very uneven. So the early pocket watch chain travel imitation Cartier love bracelet and the tail of the travel time difference is very large, which is very accurate when the timer travel is undoubtedly Mishap. Of course, this is also plagued the watchmakers masters of the problem, Breguet master to find a solution to this problem, invented the pagoda-shaped speed control device. When the winding is full of strings is driven by the top of the pagoda, affecting the smallest circle of the tower wheel, when the release of energy when the release of energy is the bottom of the pagoda structure is the largest circle of the tower, changing the drive Ratio and torque, thus achieving stable output of the winding energy. So that the balance wheel can go more stable, time is more accurate, and this invention is undoubtedly cross-era.
The structure of the sesame chain in the old pocket watch
Pocket watch in the structure of sesame chain
The pagoda rounds a barrel with a very small chain link
Very small chain, zoom after the shape resembles the chain of the bike
Pagoda speed control agency pagoda and barrel of the link is to rely on a very small chain connection, because too small and dazzling looks like sesame seeds together like a knot, so the people gave it a name of the image – Sesame chain.
Sesame chain operating principle
Sesame chain operation principle is the use of Archimedes found the principle of lever fulcrum: when the mainspring has been fully chain and full operation, the sesame chain in the smaller circumference, that is, the pole wheel pull; and when the main hair When the power is weakened, the sesame chain will pull on the larger circumference of the pagoda wheel. Sesame chain drive system will be the main strip and its pagoda wheel, with a slender, like a bicycle chain belt known as the chain of sesame chain connected to each other. In a word, the sesame chain is to make the clockwork output more stable device, watchmaker use this device is the purpose of the mechanical watch to go more accurate.
Sesame chain of magic
Lange RICHARD LANGE series, ordinary models of thousands of dollars, plus the sesame chain device, the price rose seven or eight times. Although the dial or boring show a mess of retro small three-pin, can be the price to the mechanical number of the whole point of time when the platinum Replica Cartier jewelry money Lange’s SRTIKING TIME interval. While the platinum sesame chain plus Tourbillon is to enter the seven-digit million, Breguet in 2007 launched 7047 sesame chain Tourbillon watch is the price. Tradition 7047 Sesame Chain Tourbillon watch in appearance design, in particular the use of Breguet master of the earliest design as a blueprint, in addition to the unique design of the manual engraved gold dial, engraved on the metal surface engraved repeat pattern is a very deep Technology, today is almost lost. When the user swivel crown for the watch on the chain, in the tip of the pagoda wheel above the sesame chain will be rolled up, the winding section of the winding will be taut. Then, the power of the winding will be transmitted through the pod wheel to the movement to bring lasting torque, and thus improve the watch the entire power reserve ratio accuracy. The Breguet to such a sophisticated device to improve the watch power reserve ratio of the correct. At 7:30 eccentric asymmetrical design, adding the originality of the dial configuration, with the traditional Roman numerals and Breguet classic Breguet needle, as well as hundreds of pieces of process assembled into the works, so Breguet Tradition 7047 Sesame chain Tourbillon watch perfect and more impeccable.

Sesame chain Breguet 7047PT / 11 / 9ZU watch
Sesame chain repair
So small chain is relatively easy to break, the watchmaker in order to prevent the over-over, not only produced a full chain lock device, but also to the chain on the insurance, chain hook is the most vulnerable chain of the whole chain, so a The problem is broken more than the chain. The following figure is a chain hook broken sesame chain pocket watch dismantling after the real shot.
After dismantling the sesame chain antique pocket watch
Sesame chain sesame chain
Chain hooks on the barrel
01: The chain hook is gone.
02: the chain is too small, set the chain of hooks in fact rely on all the frustration, wearing a magnifying glass with antiques table blue steel curls.
03: set the shape of the rough can be drilled, and the accuracy of drilling www.ourlovestore.com is the difficulty where the figure shows the shape of the rough blank to complete the hole for the 0.2mm hole.
04: rivets need to diameter is 0.2mm, need to use lathe processing, the figure shows the basic production of parts to complete, chain hook and rivets.
05: In fact, riveting is the chain of hook and rivet production, making good words riveting is a very easy thing, the figure shows riveting is completed.
06: riveting is not the last step, in accordance with the shape of the barrel to modify the shape of the chain hook, it is more beautiful than there is a very important step is to set the fuse, so that if the full chain lock device failure Time to break from the chain hook so as not to hurt the chain.
07: chain hook firmly hook on the barrel

In this way, the sesame chain can work properly.

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