This Altiplano gold chain watch is an essential urban fashion accessory

In today’s watch field, is still a handful of top brands to control the watch’s main technology and market, some people’s brand of high-end watch market is not how good, there are cognitive reasons for the watch brand wrist Table itself is the technology of the reasons for today’s watch home for everyone to bring five top brands watch the Hong Kong market.

Earl ALTIPLANO series G0A40013 watch

Diameter 38 mm Altiplano 900P watch with a combination of movement and case design imitation Cartier love bracelet, the thickness of only 3.65 mm, creating the world’s ultra-thin record. The mystique of this ultimate slim watch is embedded in the rose gold case of the 78 diamonds: the case is also the main plate of the movement, and the mechanical parts are mounted directly on the case. Such a complex structure, on behalf of the movement needs to be upside down, the bridge near the dial installed on the side, showing the double standards of technology and beauty. To break the slim limit, all the mechanisms and pointers are cleverly installed in a thin balance wheel, when the points were on the dial was eccentric display. The count even more for this square space specially designed dangling style barrels, only by a table near the dial side of the bridge connection and fixed. This extraordinary masterpiece has a power reserve of about 48 hours.

Earl ALTIPLANO series G0A40105 watch

This Altiplano gold chain watch is an essential urban fashion accessory, bringing an elegant touch to everyday life. This watch is equipped with a diameter of 34 mm rose gold case, simple lines classic, elegant dial with a long pointer, the perfect echo of the modern full of polished rose gold chain. Its soft, chain-link design is ergonomic and extremely comfortable to wear. This section of casual fashion watch equipped with Earl made 534P self-winding mechanical movement, with hour and minute display, power reserve up to about 42 hours. Like all Earl movements, this caliber is also finished with traditional Haute Couture craftsmanship, featuring the “Côtes de Genève” ring Geneva wavy pattern, the ring wavy decorative plate and the chamfered decorative watch bridge.

Vacheron Constantin HARMONY Series 7810S / 000G-B050 watch

To celebrate the 260th anniversary of the brand, Vacheron Constantin introduced seven new “HARMONY” name of the new watch. These limited-edition pillow-shaped watches draw inspiration from the chronographs introduced in 1928, brand new modern interpretation of timepieces, exquisite case simple, all kinds of curvature, lines and refraction of light harmoniously into one, from more Wrist watches show the beauty.

Vacheron Constantin HARMONY Series 7805S / 000G-B052 watch

Like the previous watch, this watch is also the new watch Vacheron Constantin celebrates the 260th anniversary of the establishment of the brand, this watch with 18K white gold case to create a bezel encrusted 88 diamonds, a limited edition of 500 Pieces, engraved in the watch’s back “260th Anniversary” words. Inside the watch is a 2460DT self-winding movement developed and manufactured for Vacheron Constantin.

Cartier key series WJCL0015 watch

If you feel too simple, low-key watch is not focused enough, then this CLé DE CARTIER watch, Replica Cartier jewelry can open a woman’s heart like a key it? Unique key crown, non-round non-square case, bright strap, if the tank is a masculine beauty, then the CLé DE CARTIER series presents another Cartier beauty. First of all, from the appearance point of view, the shape of this watch is very novel, as if the square has a round shape, the ear is soft cone; Second, through sapphire crystal glass, the dial shows a touch of classical temperament, Solar radiation effect, surrounded by a blue Roman numeral scale, calendar display window at six o’clock position. In power, the watch is equipped with 1847 MC movement, the name “1847 MC” represents the year the brand was founded. With a 25.6 mm diameter movement, a fast rotating barrel greatly improves travel time stability with semi-instantaneous date display and up to 42 hours of power reserve.

Swiss watch brand Tissot also watch enthusiasts around the world and sports fans who have brought a perfect feast for sports and timepieces. Today, the watch home for everyone to bring a Tissot for the 2014 Asian Games launch of the watch, PR 100 Series 2014 Asian Games special ladies watch.

Tissot PR 100 Series 2014 Asian Games special section watch dial with red and white with elegant penetration of vitality. At the same time Tissot also provides a dark gray dial PR 100 Series 2014 Asian Games special paragraph male watch for female friends to choose.

27 mm stainless steel case
27 mm stainless steel case, compact, more feminine side. Watch the white dial full elegant, red second hand embellishment to make this watch in gloom and permeated with majestic vitality. Equipped with an ETA 2671 self-winding mechanical movement.

Screw-in gear-shaped stainless steel crown
Screw-in gear-shaped steel crown, feel comfortable, polish the top of the crown engraved brand Tissot capital letter “T”.

Stainless steel three-row style bracelet
Three rows of stainless steel bracelet, bracelet links between the polished by drawing and satin polishing and other surface treatment presents a beautiful appearance, staggered complex surface treatment style shows Tissot watches in the process of the ultimate pursuit and in Design intentions.

Case thickness of 9.1 mm
The thickness of this watch is 9.1 mm, slightly thicker. Lateral with a matte brushed polished side, simple and delicate case handle more prominent relatively thin case.

The lugs are square
Lugs were cut square, simple and tough lines, drawn subtle arc to fit the wrist, to ensure comfortable to wear, the overall design and strap integration, the basic and the first section of the bracelet flat.

Adjustable folding clasp
Adjustable folding buckle, buckle top printed with a matte satin “T” logo, easy to wear.

White dial
White dial, silver sword-shaped hour hand, minute hand decorated with fluorescent material in the to ensure that the dark environment can still be easily read, 12 o’clock logo printed under the “1853”, telling Tissot long tabulation history. Dial 3 o’clock position equipped with a date display window, black and white, concise, red second hand and time scale called the crowning touch of this watch, this watch adds vitality.

Equipped with ETA 2671 self-winding mechanical movement
This watch is a compact design, waterproof 100 meters depth, equipped with an ETA 2671 self-winding mechanical movement, thickness 4.8 mm movement, providing at least 38 hours of power reserve. Bottom cover printed with beautiful and colorful screen printing 2014 Incheon 17th Asian Games event signs.

Summary: In white and silver to show the feminine, while Tissot watchmaker skillfully pick up the Incheon Asian Games emblem above the symbol of the sun glory of this touch of red, add to the watch design, so that has been elegant and quiet Table vague precipitation vibrant vitality. Watch function is simple and practical, equipped with ETA2671 movement stability, very suitable for everyday life to wear practical

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