The basic idea of ​​positioning the design of the design is to stand in the sales point of view to consider the design concept

The basic idea of positioning the design of the design is to stand in the sales point of view to consider the design concept, and strive to pass accurate information to Cartier love bracelet replica consumers, and give them a unique impression.
Positioning ideas designed to emphasize the basic idea is divided into: brand positioning – who I am; commodity positioning – what is the goods; consumers as – sold to whom.
Famous cultural anthropologist Marlinsky said: “In human social life, all the needs of the biological has been translated into the cultural needs.” Modern packaging design is a culture-based, life-based, Modern design-oriented design. Therefore, we both in theory, or in practice, should be packaging design as a cultural form to deal with. On the market, product packaging replacement, endless. The organizational system is the most authoritative factor, which stipulates that the overall nature of the packaging design culture is an important link in the design of intergroup relations, and it is the guarantee that the packaging design can be scientifically and effectively implemented. This level consists of a set of inherent standard systems, which becomes the criterion for the design of the packaging designer. Moreover, the inner layer of psychological consciousness is relatively conservative, solid, is the core of the design culture. Different design ideas will bring different behavior and social results, recognize the new environment imposed on us in the new requirements, and to meet the new requirements in line with such new ideas, new ideas and new means, which is the design concept of the new height. The three interdependence, mutual integration, mutual penetration, and integration are reflected in each of the specific packaging design activities and design works.
Men’s cosmetics packaging design should be from the trademark, pattern, color, shape, materials and other elements to start, in considering the characteristics of goods on the basis of follow the brand design of some basic principles, such as: protection of goods, beautify the Cartier love ring replica goods, easy to use, so that the Design elements coordinated with, complement each other to get the best packaging design. If from the marketing point of view, brand packaging design and color design is an important factor in highlighting the personality of the product, personalized brand image is the most effective means of promotion.
Color in the men’s cosmetics packaging design occupies a particularly important position. In the highly competitive commodity market, to make the goods are clearly different from the visual characteristics of other products, more attractive consumer charm, stimulate and guide consumption, and enhance people’s memory of the brand, which are inseparable from the color of the design And use.
Japanese color expert Dazhi Hao, had the color of packaging design done in-depth study. He in the “color design basis,” a book, the packaging of the color design of the following eight requirements:
1. Whether the packaging color in the competitive goods in a clear identification;
2. whether it is a good symbol of the contents of the goods;
3. Whether the color is compatible with other design factors. And different packaging design culture system contains a number of common cultural factors, but also contains a number of different cultural factors. The former expresses the universality of the packaging design culture, which expresses the particularity of the packaging design culture. And each nation’s packaging design culture, but also has its human part. The human nature of the packaging Replica Cartier love bracelet design is among the nationalities, and the universality lies in the particularity, which is the dialectical unity of the packaging design culture.
Through this research and practice of the subject, let me know: in considering the beauty of men’s cosmetics packaging, the times and their functions at the same time, but also to consider it to contain the cultural value.

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