Sand silver oil pressure of the dial almost showing all the complex features of this watch

Titoni Plum grand launch of a new look Seascoper, is the company’s 70’s diving table historical style of reproduction. Handmade display of superb technology, this masculine watch is a reliable companion of marine adventure, but also suitable for everyday life, a design of elegant timepieces.

Plum table Seascoper 2014 rebirth

Waterproof 200 meters (20ATM) and strap with diving expansion kit make Seascoper the perfect choice for underwater adventure. One-way rotating bezel with charming details, spin-on stainless steel crown and second hand, cleverly given the unique characteristics of the watch. Unique stainless steel imitation Cartier love bracelet case set off elegant black dial, decorated with fluorescent hours and minute hands, and twelve special frame scales. 3 o’clock position of the date display to make the delicate interior, covered with scratch and anti-reflective sapphire crystal glass. Watch with an elegant black rubber strap, with a button button deduction.

Plum table 70 years of Seascoper

Through the passionate adventurer’s dream again reborn, Seascoper is an elegant and accurate companion for daily adventure. Elegant design and movement of the harmonious coexistence reflects the plum table on the table of professional and exquisite skills, because it is already generations of family business.
Tourbillon table represents the highest level of mechanical watch manufacturing process, the general mechanical watch, due to the spring tension, metal fatigue and gravity, the greater the error; Tourbillon governor, is the only one can not These effects are also the only ones that can reach the Observatory level of the mechanical watch structure. Today, Beijing watch factory with their own way to show the tourbillon’s high-end skills, it is amazing.

Distinguished luxury tasting Beijing Promise Ⅱ three-axis three-dimensional double Tourbillon watch

Beijing watch factory as a leader of Chinese watches, with a wealth of Chinese culture and historical background, after more than half a century of development, the Beijing brand is a steady pace in the field of watchmaking. Over the years, the Beijing watch factory launched a variety of models Tourbillon watch, today we want to introduce a precious metal material to create a three-axis three-dimensional Tourbillon watch, the official model: B023201302W.

This Beijing non-polar Ⅱ three-axis three-dimensional Tourbillon watch case made of 18K white gold, noble material highlights the luxury of the watch temperament. Relatively large 44 mm table diameter more masculine domineering, but also more able to show the wearer’s male tough temperament.

17.2 mm thick case equipped with a super complex mechanical movement inside, it not only for the watch to provide a strong performance support, but also highlights the exquisite handmade watch Beijing handmade watchmaking technology. 18K white gold noble material through the watchmaker’s fine polished polished, exudes a bright and bright metallic luster.
No crown side, more real experience to the outline of this watch, water chestnut double case design, bringing extraordinary fashion Replica Cartier jewelry sense, 9 o’clock position has two function buttons, respectively, to adjust the calendar and Behind the moon phase.

Sand silver oil pressure of the dial almost showing all the complex features of this watch, 1:00 is the kinetic energy reserve function display, indicating the clockwork can store more than 42 hours of power; 5 points for the three-axis three-dimensional tourbillon device; 9 o’clock position is the return date display, completed a reverse jump every month; 10 o’clock position is eccentric tourbillon. Time scale with Roman numerals, wheat grain in the dial played a very good decorative effect, 3 o’clock at the Beijing LOGO is to highlight the brand of Chinese characteristics.

Located at 10 o’clock position of the small seconds, but also a classic eccentric tourbillon, the pointer to a swallow way to show, swallows lifelike, vivid on the dial. Designers make the watch design to add vitality, but also brought unparalleled visual enjoyment.

And the plane tourbillon echoes at 5 o’clock at the three-axis three-dimensional tourbillon, Tourbillon vertical axis was tilted 25 degrees, the visual effect is more amazing. Through the sapphire glass mirror, you can clearly see the tourbillon fine grinding and decoration, mechanical structure at a glance. The three-dimensional tourbillon revolves around the z-axis for one revolution per minute and rotates for a week around the other axis x + 25 ° every 7.5 minutes.

Watch, the sub-needle with reverse jump structure, located in the upper half of the dial, minute hand back to the original position of the hour, the clock every 12 hours to complete a reverse jump. This time, the sub-head anti-jump design not only increase the fun, but also to avoid the three-dimensional tourbillon rotation space.

Crown at 3 o’clock position, made of 18K white gold, the edge of the use of a sophisticated gear design, not only beautiful, but also has a comfortable feel.

Brown crocodile leather strap low-key elegance, with a natural large bamboo texture, with folding clasp, easy to use and stylish.

Summary: watch with semi-transparent table shell design, equipped with manual winding TB09 movement, movement a total of 453 parts, 88 drill, so many small parts through pure manual assembly, it is a complex art, This is not only a test of the watchmaker’s meticulous and patient, but also highlights the Beijing brand watch the high Zhan skills, watch the back of the moon phase function, moon disc made with enamel, luxurious and elegant. This is only three-axis three-dimensional Tourbillon watch in not only the use of platinum precious metal material to complete the overall build, but also in the movement design also test the watchmaker’s superior inspiration, through the Beijing watch constantly understand, can not help but lament the Beijing table Seems to have become the attention of the domestic watch brand.

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