Mongolian silver jewelry the most dazzling place, it is its beautiful shape, using casting

Mongolian silver jewelry the most dazzling place, it is its beautiful shape, using casting, beat, knot, carving, chisel carving and other technology. In a variety of jewelry engraved on the ancient patterns, there are moire, mo pattern, fire, curls, Babao, sausage and flowers, dragon and phoenix, flowers and birds, insects, animals, plants, patterns all-encompassing, perfect Exquisite.
Silver jewelry category to the most Cartier love bracelet replica Ordos, Wulate, Chahar, Horqin, Wu Zhu Muqin, Balhu tribe. A Mongolian Mongolian women, its silver jewelry weighing two or three pounds, a Mongolian costumes, the most eye-catching decoration. Ordos women’s headdress, including the amount of hoop, the amount of ear, hanging chain, big earrings, even down the mosaic of silver are silver. Chahar women wearing the “Bole”, there are two round and chicken shape, to do a few to be two silver. The top of the silver hook, round the central mosaic coral beads, a total of 3 laps, the outer periphery of the two laps have three ears, respectively, hanging three chicken heart purse, both sides of the red, the middle of the blue, are hanging all kinds of colors Spike, worn on both sides of the long canvas. Another kind of chicken heart, both sides are carved a pair of bat folder, the top of the silver hook, the bottom of the three ears, falling silk wire ears. Ukrainian Muqin women wear “good day labor”, shaped like a Falun, carved flowers around, the central mosaic coral, the bottom hanging silver auspicious knot,
Jixiang knot hanging below the four silver ear, specifically hanging in the women’s long shoulder on both sides of the sewing on the new loop.
Mongolian women headdress filled with silver, silver ear, silver nails, in addition, the hairpin, head hairpin, step shake, flat side, bun buckle, card style is also a lot, all belong to the hair accessories. Silver hairpin is one of the most commonly used jewelry, often used to string together beam hair, a butterfly, a single willow, double willow, three willow, peacock tail, knot. In addition to silver quite, hairpin first mosaic coral, agate, emerald. There are gilt in the style of all things like hairpin, silver hair Shou head hairpin, silver chrysanthemum pattern hairpin, silver point blue butterfly love hairpin hairpin, are the most traditional Mongolian style. Mongolian women use a lot of flat side, flat side is used to fix hair style ornaments, flat flat, was a shape, and the atmosphere. There are silver coral flat side, silver Cartier love ring replica enamel color dark alchemy flat side, legend Eight immortal treasures have supernatural powers, folk often dark eight cents for the amulet, pray for the protection of the Eight Immortals, as well as silver enamel auspicious flower pattern flat side, silver enamel color plum Pattern square. Silver hairpin style is more, there will be made of a variety of flower-shaped hairpin, there are silver ear. Silver buns with a square, diamond-shaped, round, with edge edge chisel pattern, the middle of the gem, there are drooping silver chain, there are mosaic flowers and auspicious knot. Silver card is flat, wide, engraved with flowers and patterns above, there are twisted filamentous. Horqin women wearing hairpin more, silver point cypress flower head hairpin, silver peony pattern hairpin, etc., bustling.
Women’s neck wear round necklace, twisted collar, flat collar, disc collar and all kinds of silver necklaces. Ear ear with earrings, silver earrings, dragon earrings, needle earrings, claws earrings, pomegranate earrings, silver earrings. Chest and waist to wear a silver flower chain, silver toothpick, silver lock, silver chain, silver shield listed, silver and so on. Wrist wearing a solid bracelet, hollow bracelet, faucet bracelet, twisted silk bracelet, flower bracelet, solid chisel flower bracelet. Finger wearing a solid ring, twisted silk ring, seal ring, saddle ring, inlaid coral ring. In addition there are flowers silver, pendant bells and so on. Silver pendant is also an important part of the Mongolian costumes, it is small and practical, both in the folk and popular, herdsmen often put it on the body, easy to use. Silver pendant, there are three sets of pieces, up to five sets, with silver and silver and a variety of silver gourd, plum, lotus silver pendant, generally above the Hu comb, tweezers, ear digging, toothpicks, knife, Smoke hook and so on. This silver pendant is small, but the design is exquisite, and exquisite workmanship, welcomed by the herdsmen.
Decorative Mongolian clothing silver button is the most species, but also the most stressful, it not only has a practical function, or an ornament, is a bright spot in the dress. Erdos women’s shoulder buttons on the silver buttons, the smallest 1 cm large, the largest 4 cm or so, buckle raised, relief graphics, artistic, play the role of beautify the clothing. Small buttons, although the same material, but the process is different. Hollow, carved, carved, knot, casting seamless, exquisite pattern vividly buckle, in the content to show the world, embodies the traditional folk customs. Patterns are traditional ornaments, there are Lu Lu Shouxi, Kyrgyzstan Xiangxiang, more than a year later. There are pictures of simple buttons, there are bridges, pavilions, picturesque buttons, as well as exquisite workmanship, it is particularly noble and Replica Cartier love bracelet elegant flowers, butterflies, pisces, plum, lotus, stars, auspicious, bat, gourd, Word, blessing and other shapes of hollow button. From the small buttons, you can see the Mongolian clothing culture of the profound and Mongolian national wisdom and folk customs.

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