Like a dream, like a scattered in the endless ocean of the distant Eden

“The creation of the Rose desVents, which means ‘the compass rose’, also symbolizes ‘creation.'” “Creation is the discovery of the essence of things through constant search and repetition, and then put into practice,” says Victor. Forget the beginning of the heart, the product of the times.
Cartier love bracelet replica craftsmen from this sentiment to draw inspiration to gouache design sketches based on the use of easy to shape the green resin to manually create the first jewelry model. Subsequently, they used the old dewaxing casting method, the wax liquid was successfully converted to gold. Next, the craftsmen with delicate hands on the initial finished products for fine grinding, cleverly modified every detail of jewelry. Each section are carefully polished, like the same as the treatment of advanced custom clothing lining. Victoria Cartier love ring replica around the winding pattern of golden rice round, reminiscent of rope, designed to sail on the vast sea above the mariners pay tribute. Round pattern with the wearer’s every act of flexible flip, one side of the precious stones inlaid precious stones, the other side is decorated with a compass rose pattern, and gold, platinum and rose gold material exquisite relief stars and delicate colors of various precious stones Side by side, full of elegant chic beauty.
Like a dream, like a scattered in the endless ocean of the distant Eden, FRED Une Île d \ ‘Or series in the shimmering sunlight shine, to build a magnificent paradise. Une Île d \ ‘Or series by the Argentine designer Marcial Berro design, a total of 30 models, including platinum set with half a diamond and white gold set with full diamond, gold set with half-diamond and gold inlaid diamond, and pure gold ring, never fade Bright light with noble diamond clarity, to start a journey of poetic dream.
Une Île d’Or series shows the replica Cartier love bracelet founder Fred Samuel of light, sun and the Mediterranean love, avant-garde bold and exquisite design like the sun shattered pieces of gold pieces, sparkling waves, the rhythm of the ocean, the return of the Spray, matched the little mermaid scales, elaborate mysterious ancient myth. Mirror design exquisite jewelry craft out of the spray-like Smart, decorated with shimmering diamonds such as shiny, stacked out of the three-dimensional visual effects.

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