Hollywood is good at shaping all kinds of women

Hollywood is good at shaping all kinds of women, one of the essential is called “bad girl”, the public is the most familiar example of Madonna. Now 80 after the estimated only know more than 50-year-old wheat sister has a new boyfriend just 20 early, but do not know how the wheat sister was screaming debut: 1983 Mai sister to super tease miniskirt and hedgehog hair hair When the big people are still talking about her Cartier love bracelet replica photo album “sex”, the whole American girls are beginning to imitate her miniskirt, old T-shirt, lace bra, black rubber bracelet and bow hair … … 20 years later we call These girls called “Madonna Wannabe” phenomenon, famous, such as Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, and now you can add Lady Gaga.
Early we called her ladies quack, and now we call her de la qui. Many domestic people love to Lady Gaga and Sister Furong par, from the East aesthetic, the two of them dress really ridiculous. But Lady Gaga will write singing, she was 4 years old piano, was called for the creation of talented woman, not famous to give Britney wrote songs, their voice a rod, she is becoming a rock, pop and electronic Music superstar. And may be the first, because no one thought of this before to mix music. So she succeeded in embarking on the hall, and did not become a street joke. This circle to live to the last forever is really talented people.
And Ma Jie in a file reality show staged “fight” after the play, Lady Gaga concert in Los Angeles put on a silver shrugged metal triangle swimsuit – Madonna’s most famous concert style. Mai sister is not free and people on the same stage debut, Lady Gaga is clearly unique. Lady Gaga shape is Madonna early years to play the rest, even in the Chinese area, Karen Mok years of concert has always been this style, but they did not go out through this way. For the high-quality idol such as Karen Mok, the stage is her only catharsis. But LadyGaga by “clothing is not surprising endless” fame, she easily put down, can not be put down.
At the end of 2009 her music was finally recognized by various awards, and she was from the British Queen met when the normal state (only a red panda eyes), gradually open their own real appearance – that she looks quite Yes, it was just the face of those Cartier love ring replica colorful bruises.
Lady Gaga is a real mashup master, she has been in the art school for a long time, than the average family of girls who grew up in the growing atmosphere of the music. Her music, her personality, her dress, and even her words and deeds, mix and match a little Madonna, mix and match a little Deborah Harry (American 70s punk band Blondie female lead singer), mix and match a little Scissor Sisters (psychedelic rock, Punk rock and disco elements, accompanied by allegations, playing sex with the British band) and Junior Senior (Danish combination), plus some ridiculous, and some shining.
In addition to the wheat sister, these combinations in the popular when not how to spread to the country. Now Lady Gaga music, is the favorite in China’s nightclubs, radio DJs are the favorite when the field, which also proves from the side of the progress of the times, our young people and Western peers can spend time together, both Enjoy the show, but also watch the monkey. Only Shaw Bernard has said a imitation Cartier love bracelet piece, the popular is good, that popular cold it?

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