History does not lie in a vivid story, not just in archaeological history, its greatest significance lies in the history as a mirror

History does not lie in a vivid story, not just in archaeological history, its greatest significance lies in the history as a mirror, facing the future. However, the annual look back but always make people feel uneasy back to their own look back too short, so worried about the Cartier love bracelet replica forward-looking too short-sighted.
Then, to all the objects of a reasonable coordinate is the key to our view of things.
Fashion industry event is nothing less than this.
Each year’s year-end inventory still gives us a comprehensive picture of the history of the year. Year fashion events in order to sort out really make us more fully before and after.
Viewing the nature of things through events is the key to our approach to this phenomenon. Some events may be accidental, while others may be long-term accumulation. Some events may be a microcosm of the country and the world of its kind, while others may be only region-specific phenomenon. Some events may have far-reaching effects, while others appear to be short-lived. Some events may seem insignificant moment the potential hidden, and some may be the appearance of flashy but percussion … …
So, when I put a coordinate point on such a city in Cartier love ring replica, fashion such an industry, I have to establish it an accurate time, space, and other factors formed by the coordinates, so as to avoid biased or even perspective errors. Because, ignorant of any point in history may be enough to make us miss the future.
Let us, then, revisit the historical picture of this passing moment.
Top department stores from Shanghai
The protagonist: Lane Crawford
Following the previous year the city to do zARA, the Shanghai fashion retail business this year’s largest news is undoubtedly the famous Lane Crawford exit Huaihai Road incident in Shanghai.
Lane Crawford, has a completely aristocratic lineage. It comes from the door, it brings together celebrities, it is within the palace without Dingding … …
The 156-year history of Lane Crawford’s flagship store in the Hong Kong International Financial Center is its classic model, positioned as a fashionable upscale department store that collects high-end designer fashion accessories from around the world, including selected albums and books from around the world. On behalf of the British noble and elegant style.
It came to China, so that the Chinese people really realize that the original real boutique is the case, not the past we thought that the sale of a little more sophisticated point of gadgets small shops.
6 years of dismal operation, and today the end of the exit. The store has been the first to enter the Chinese market boutique, is also a Lane Crawford belong to a group of the United States and the United States Department Store took over. However, it is comforting that Lane Crawford allegedly will return to Shanghai after two years, perhaps the route will become fashionable, younger, the new site may be selected Jing’an Temple area. But this is something to be observed.
But now, I solemnly declare: This is a historical retrogression!
When many people are still hiding in the corner to see other people joke, said three-way Lane Crawford “sellers” model is not suited to the Chinese market, the future will tell them that this is the history of their ridicule. Their Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica approach is fundamentally contrary to the basic business rules: do not have the heart to run the goods and only low-level shop rental business. This is really the tragedy of Chinese business!
And I want to give Lane Crawford’s honor is that it is a failure of the hero!

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