from the initial material selection to the final boutique factory are used very strict Of the production

Avisino IBSO is a modern factory. The park is fully equipped. Home technology research and development, design, production, logistics as one of the watch movement, case, strap and table manufacturing group. Production base in Guangzhou. By the company’s construction in Guangdong Guangzhou Yuncheng West Road Creative Park a total investment of 6.8 million yuan, with 1366 square
At present, the industrial park has been completed and put into production of the organic core, steel shell, into the table, tungsten steel, industrial chain begun to take shape. The company’s flagship “IBSO” brand watches all use the company’s own brand of movement, steel and other accessories.
IBSO master the core to lead the future; is Peng Chi launched the world’s exclusive personality of the brand watches.
IBSO inherited the “watch kingdom” Swiss superb watchmaking technology, and the personalized Chinese elements and unique hollow quartz movement cleverly integrated into the watch design, creating a series of unique personality, highly respected boutique fashion imitation Cartier love bracelet wrist Table, and by the wide acclaim, so that the brand more personalized, more influential.
As the rise of the Chinese watch industry in recent years, the new star, IBSO brand to “design the way to inherit the unique charm” for the design concept, the use of Swiss standard watchmaking Seiko manufacturing, from the initial material selection to the final boutique factory are used very strict Of the production and evaluation measures to ensure that every IBSO personality watch in the customer’s mind “label” are “fashion, classic, art”.
“Grasp the core, to lead the future” is Pengchi’s development goals, “quality of survival,” the credibility of promoting development “is Peng Chi’s business philosophy, it is so demanding standards and customer sincere attitude, making Peng Chi brand personality hollow watch in a very short period of time continue to grow and develop, brand awareness continues to expand.
“China’s core, national industry,” Peng Chi technology is first-class equipment, first-class talent, first-class concept, to create first-class Donglong watch industry chain for the development of China’s watch industry to contribute their own strength!
When we see the word “Barton watch” will be associated with the World War II US generals generals, five-star general Barton. The Barton watch officially to commemorate the World War II outstanding in the Barton generals, by the Swiss watch family in the name of Barton, set the Swiss watch the essence of a hundred years, designed to create a unique timepiece for. Let the watch home to let you introduce it!
Patton watch brand profile
1950, the Swiss watch family, to commemorate the two heroes of the heroes of the heroes in the name of Barton, set the Swiss watch a hundred years the essence of the design to create a masterpiece of the timepiece, its superb watchmaking process, unique Of the design style, all highlight the generation of famous strategists, Zhuo and extraordinary life, this classic timepiece is the Swiss watch industry few boutique for the Swiss watch is a hundred years of cultural enrichment essence.
At the beginning of the creation, the Barton table has always been to adhere to the quality of the brand core, each watch are pure hand polished, crafted and crafted. Its collection of top-level watch jewelry classic style of the essence of the classic style, to promote simple and elegant style, focusing on the integration of fine and art, coupled with the ultimate movement of the top precision, exquisite watchmaking technology, and global synchronization of strict testing technology, the details The ultimate Replica Cartier jewelry pursuit to ensure that every Barton table is dazzling, handed down the boutique.
Since then, after more than half a century of baptism, the Barton table with its superb production process, the ultimate hand-polished, excellent timing function, the details of the perfect pursuit, and Zhuoer extraordinary quality to win the love of many people love, The Barton table also shines in the precipitation of time.
The economic development of the 21st century is more diversified and globalized. With the deepening of the degree of opening to the outside world, the Swiss watch industry has won the opportunity of rapid development. The export market share of the watch industry has increased greatly. The ambitions of the world have brought great opportunities, and the Asian emerging markets, but also Barton table open up the soil, the best choice for the grand exhibition.
In 2010, Patton’s shining pearl of Swiss watches rose like a sun in Asia. Barton table with its stylish and elegant design, superb production process, the ultimate waterproof function, and the perfect pursuit of quality will be won through the launch of the Asian market, but also in the Asian market set off a Barton wave, can have a Button table Is a symbol of identity, a taste of the interpretation.
Today, the Barton table Podtss, under the efforts of Patton and its successors, has developed into a world-renowned Swiss watch brand, its traditional Swiss craftsmanship, the perfect pursuit of detail, and all in the Barton watch Of the watch design.
Baige table is the Swiss watch brand, although he is not like Rolex, Omega as well known. But their own unique understanding of the watch into each watch design and production. In many Swiss small minority watch brand is also one of the outstanding brands. The following watch home to come to introduce you to Baige watch it!
Yi Yi watch Borg watches brand introduction
At the end of the nineteenth century, at the end of the nineteenth century, there was a technically sophisticated watch technician Balco Viadumir in Zurich, Switzerland, who founded his own watch workshop with his own years of wealth to understand his watch and his skill Skills into the design and production, and spread to his descendants. In the mid-twentieth century, the global economic recovery, new technology, new ideas to the traditional watch industry launched a challenge. Balco Viadumir’s descendants inherited his career and followed the development of the times, constantly innovating technology and improving quality, injecting vitality into the business. To commemorate Balco Viadumir, his descendants in his name founded the balco [Baige] watch company, in the inheritance of the same time, a family business evolved into the traditional superb skills and modern design in perfect combination of the model, to establish the Bago’s brand philosophy.
Since 2002 to enter the Chinese market, China has more than 200 points of sale, sales network throughout the major cities in China, and in major cities with more than 30 after-sales service center to provide in line with international standards Of the maintenance service. Baige table designer on the Chinese watch market consumption characteristics, specially designed to meet the Chinese consumer tastes of the six major mainstream products: FEEL time series, B-SHARP geometric series, TOUCH truth series, AM really my female watch series , SPEED fast moving series, MECHANIC automatic mechanical watch series, has been recognized by consumers, laid the future development of the market in Baggio.
Baige table attaches great importance to the production process of the watch, every process and every detail to strive for perfection. “Wisdom integration, simple and refined” for the purpose of the perfect design and superb technology pouring to the watch which continue to create including the leading design and elegant, classic design of the deep product, and finally achieved today’s results.

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