Extravagant aristocrat, unrestrained Bohemian. Boldly preach the traditional charming angel

Extravagant aristocrat, unrestrained Bohemian. Boldly preach the traditional charming angel. The new Boucheron is inspired by the sexy goddesses: they appear in the upper reaches of the upper reaches of the social and social dance hall, they are painting studio posture posture Cartier love bracelet replica angel.
Flattery, fin-de-siècle divas, they choose in life, either have dignity, or abandon the dignity. They are emotional, and sometimes even outrageous, but never cautious. They do not belong to the middle class. In the laughter against, with a reserved carnival. They are bold and fearless to wear jewelry, pick up when the dress as easy, put down the same if nothing had happened.
Fine gold jewelry made of jade, not part of the middle class. Fine to create pure gold wide-sleeved decoration, seemingly mesh, such as dance Ji stockings. A few drops of black gold imitation into fine Chantilly or Bruges jade belt, tears like red sapphires or diamonds in which to become dark and elegant lady’s special necklace.
In the danger and sexy walking between the balance of wood jewelry, not the middle class. Bold and tempting pendant hints not far from danger, that is, dignified decline. Slender ruby necklace as if the neck painted a bright red line, a piece of blood ruby pendant hanging, lining the skin flashed. A string of diamonds inlaid a few inches long, bent into the S circle, is the Elizabeth era crepe collar miniature version. Lip-shaped Bouche ring made of ruby, sultry lips emit the surreal power.
The ecstasy, spoil, and funnyness of the natural appearance of the gaffe are not part of the middle class. Bright gorgeous gorgeous chiffon wrapped around the hand and stretched to the wrist, tail buckle in the ring on the second chain; princes leaves around the faucet, a crown for the Rafael before all. Pendant is a small nude, body hanging jewelry rattan, legs apart, across the opal accessories, like a hurry to catch a glimpse of the human body model, suddenly distracted. By www.ourlovestore.com
Art Deco ring is embedded in the halo of the stone, which does not belong to the middle class. A huge sapphire or treasures black jade string in the bright paved ruby chain, set in the hands. A huge orange jasper is placed on a pomegranate ruby mat. These ornaments and the Duke of the instrument of grace, singing and dancing girl calm, complement each other. These rings evoke the jazz era of passion female miss – watching Josephine Baker’s jade, covered with jewels, eyes sly charming
Precious gem hot sexy, which does not belong to the middle class; avant-garde design, to challenge the reality, this does not belong to the middle class. Boucheron’s true interpretation of this new product, it is from a group of passionate can not predict the women who get inspiration, does not belong to the middle class. Exquisite works, eternal pendant, change the interpretation of fine jewelry.
Blue blood legend
In 1900, in the Eiffel Tower under the Seine River on the left bank of Gods on the school field, held the legendary Paris Fair, indicating the birth of Art Nouveauism. At the fair, Boucheron was furious and won the following comment: “The courage and success of the championship is always dizzying, and the whole jewelry industry should be proud of it.”
Boucheron’s founder, Federer, born in 1830, he followed the famous master Jules Cai Ze, from a small jewelry shop apprentice to start, one is 14 years. With the innate talent and unique understanding of the jewelry and taste, 28-year-old Federer finally in Paris high fashion center “Palace Street” opened the first jewelry store.
Feidelake Replica Cartier jewelry store luxury atmosphere, decorated with tree-shaped crystal lamp and velvet-like soft fabric, an opening to attract a lot of noble customers. At that time, the jewelry was simply put flat in the window, Federico broke the tradition, using the vertical three-dimensional bust show jewelry. He did not like many of the jewelry store at that time to operate the classic jewelry series, but the crystal stone, ivory, fine jewelry and golden lace into their own creation, and those enamel, King Kong, carved silver and wood, crystal combination Works, but also highlights Boucheron eclectic creativity.

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