Extraordinary creative Roger Docthe Excalibur Brocéliande watch

Roger Dubuis Roger Dubish through a series of outstanding jewelry watches, showing the brand of high-end ladies fashion works of the unique interpretation of exudes both classic and fashionable charm of women. Now the brand by its fascinating extraordinary creative hollow watch, for the Excalibur series to create a novelty clever jewelry timepieces, but also for the interpretation of the hollow skills to show a new look of women’s elegance. Here to follow the watch home, to feel the charm of Excalibur Brocéliande watch!

Extraordinary creative Roger Docthe Excalibur Brocéliande watch

This section inlaid with 4.56 carat diamonds of the tempting time to create only limited edition of three imitation Cartier love bracelet, the bezel and lugs are decorated with brilliant bright rectangular cut diamonds, and the edge of the 10 bright cut gems embraced each other The So gorgeous exquisite frame, set off the dial inlaid with bright cut diamonds and semi-precious stones with pink and purple leaves, these leaves are dotted with delicate diamond diamonds dendrites dendrites.

This section of rhodium-plated rose gold Excalibur Brocéliande watch with hand-sewn pink crocodile leather strap, which can be adjusted folding clasp is also decorated with 32 rectangular cut diamonds, bold display of female elegance. Jewelery craft and watchmaking technology in the Excalibur king of the series of 42 mm case in a wonderful way into one, delicate inlaid leaves are presented in different ways, and jewelry vines are in the movement within the roundabout shuttle, and the Splint link. The feminine interpretation of the hollow craft comes from the grille that provide slowly climbing of ivy, whether on walls or fences, and these vines are always gently and feminine.

This dazzling eye-catching works of each mosaic of about 3.44 carats of diamonds, with a gorgeous pink strap; its rose gold case and diamond bezel, lugs and rims cleverly combined together; and with a fall color Of the semi-precious stones are dotted with slender golden diamond ivy dendrites. Slender bezel and rim inlaid with double-row bright cut diamonds, more to enhance the overall multi-level three-dimensional visual effects, and the crown inlaid with rose-type cut diamonds, it produces the effect of finishing touch.

Roger Dubuis Roger Dudu once again with a bold design beyond imagination, to create a view of the visitors view of the exhibition hall, in order to sincerely welcome the annual watch event. Roger Dubuis Roger Dudu’s exhibition design inspiration also contains a combination of fashion, architecture, painting, sculpture and film production and other areas of comprehensive consideration to the fantastic strange mechanical world. Here we take a look at Roger Dubuis Roger Doubi in the 2015 Asian high fashion show on the new work, with a carved stone dial in the Excalibur 42 watch it!

Elegant simplicity Roger Doo Excalibur 42 Automatic self – winding watch

In order to further play the classic Excalibur king series of legendary inspiration, Roger Dubuis Roger Du he launched a only issue 188, equipped with extraordinary unique collection of collectors limited edition watch. This watch to hand-crafted stone dial to echo the legendary firmly in the Excalibur, waiting for the future King of England to come to touch the stone, to the King Arthur and the round table knight’s story to pay tribute.

This dial with a rose gold pointer, and engraved Roman numerals and black minutes circle, highlighting the heroic timing partner elegant simplicity characteristics. This Excalibur 42 watch equipped with RD622 movement, is composed of 179 hand-made parts of the self-winding Replica Cartier jewelry movement, equipped with a watch factory-made, to ensure efficient performance of the iconic mini-pendulum Tuo, and beautiful shape Roger Dubuis Roger Dubby autopamps, springs and levers.

This carved stone dial in the Excalibur 42 watch as a limited product, no matter from the watch, wear, collection which point of view is very valuable! The carved dial is bound to make the wearer in the crowd among them different!

In a simple design style known Bo Tao Fenuo series of watch family add a technically superb new watch – Park Tao Fenuo manual single-button chronograph watch. This is the IWC IWC launched the first ingenuity single-button chronograph watch. Crown on the micro-convex button revealed that this watch contains additional mechanical devices, and make the operation more simple. Watch with platinum and red gold two styles, are the perfect interpretation of the Parker Fenuo watch series of luxury restrained the essence.

Adhering to the elegant tradition of the Pato Feno watch family, this new member also presents a unique elegance style, as well as charming technology subtleties: the most common chronograph watch is in the “2 o’clock” and “4 o’clock Clock “at each set a button, which is the most classic form of chronograph watch.

But the Parker Fenuo manual single-button chronograph watch (model IW515103 / IW515104) is a distinctive single-button timing mechanism come to the fore, and can be up to 60 minutes of time. Timing button is placed in the crown, at first glance almost imperceptible. The start, stop and zeroing of the timer function can be easily achieved by repeatedly pressing the multi-function button.

The third time you press the button to reset all the time display to zero. This simple switching mechanism also highlights the aesthetic design of the watch, showing the elegant watch extraordinary. Although the addition of the timing of this additional feature, but the Park Tao Fenuo manual single-button chronograph watch still retains the simple style, in the fine when the show had just revealed its various functions.

Luxury watch for the exclusive high-level leather

Since the birth of more than three decades, the Parker Fenuo watch family in the IWC IWC watch series in www.ourlovestore.com has been a pivotal position. In the complicated processing process, each carefully crafted SANTONI strap in the factory are given a unique appearance of the ancient, shiny gloss also has its own characteristics. This craft makes leather seem like after years of careful use, but in fact it is a new production made. Another hallmark of SANTONI is the orange leather lined inside the strap. Mediterranean beauty and charm of the atmosphere into the watch and straps in the perfect handmade skills.

Simple and low-key can be described as Bai Tao Fenuo watch family tradition, but also since the birth of Park Tao Fenuo watch introverted design and classic modeling of the soul. IWC Chief Executive Officer Qiao Si Si (GEORGES KERN), commented: “This watch to maintain the function, design and ease of use of the perfect balance of the three, the traditional manual watchmaking process and modern engineering combined seamless, Only to breed this make us proud of the new senior watch model for.

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