Crafts placed in people’s life is always inseparable from the existence of handicrafts, and crafts placed and furnishings is very critical

Crafts placed in people’s life is always inseparable from the existence of handicrafts, and crafts placed and furnishings is very critical, crafts selection and living room decoration should be unified, color matching, handicrafts are placed on the pay Cartier love bracelet replica attention, Only the furnishings properly, in order to obtain a good decorative effect, beautify the space, better reflect the master’s cultural accomplishment, aesthetic orientation.
Crafts as a commodity, its market positioning is in the life of the more affluent people. The United States has always been the main market of Chinese arts and crafts, in the rapid development of China’s handicraft industry today, how to make crafts placed as an important issue of concern to everyone.
First of all, under the classification of handicrafts, if classified by purpose, most of the domestic arts and crafts can be classified as a gift, but the gift is not necessarily handicrafts. Handicrafts by use points, as well as souvenirs, decorations, festive supplies, ornaments, daily furnishings and so on.
As a souvenir, which can be divided into tourist souvenirs, souvenirs, etc., classification and naming of the great knowledge, the need for manufacturers, distributors, consumers to explore the common.
Renovated home, some masters eager to the new home layout, see a wide variety, dazzling exquisite handicrafts immediately put it down, can not all hold home. In fact, we must not worry, the choice of handicrafts also pay attention to lack of Cartier love ring replica abuse.
Although the crafts at home can beautify the room, but do not put the crafts everywhere, there is no primary and secondary, no focus, this will cause space chaos, reduce the interior design, decoration grade.
Handicrafts should pay attention to the composition of the layout, select the appropriate location, furnishings have caused high, low in the low, the available color or mirror for backing, selected boutique exhibition. Crafts can be full of space, active home atmosphere, placed with the attention of furniture and space when the ratio of width and width of the relationship between the shape of the arts, the size of the object should also echo with the surrounding objects. Such as tables, etc.
Simple style of furniture, placed a fine small sculpture, or a holding flowers, a set of tea, people not only feel full and complete, and the space is full of change, all of a sudden active up.
Large size or have a “thriving” effect of the crafts should be placed in a striking position alone, such as in the room near the door set up a special small or showcase. For the smaller shape, belong to the “Qunfang Zhengyan” effect of handicrafts, it should be placed on the museum, the height of the floor to put a few more to form a welcome trend of flowers.
Handicraft furnishings should also pay attention to lighting, and sometimes available backlight or color for the background, but also the use of spot lighting to enhance its display effect. The color of the light is different, the direction of the projection changes, can show the different characteristics of crafts. Warm light can express soft, warm feeling; glass, crystal products use cool colors, the more able to reflect the crystal clear, pure and flawless. Special crafts and antique, vases, incense burners, lamps, ornamental toys and other home accessories can be placed in the Bogut, Baige or glass cabinets, if large pieces of crafts furnishings, with Replica Cartier jewelry ornamental plants, bonsai (drought, water) Put, can also use the natural light mapping to enhance the performance of crafts.

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