A good watch is not only beautiful appearance

To crown the crown, will bear its weight. Want to wear the crown will inevitably have to bear its weight, the top of the Bulgari glittering crown of treasure as a general treasure flashing gold, but not every brand is eligible to wear the crown, the same crown is not Each brand can stand up to its aura, only the unique style of Bulgari Italian style can be so elegant and elegant fit. For more than 130 years, Bulgari has been amazed by the extraordinary creativity of the world and the dream-rich romantic spirit. Every brilliant history and classic masterpiece is backed by the brand’s ultimate technology and endless exploration spirit.

A good watch is not only beautiful appearance, more importantly, to have a strong movement, a brand with independent watchmaking ability should have a homemade movement. For Bulgari, the movement of self-production and creation is even more important. Whether it is ultra-thin manual winding movement or automatic winding movement, the strict requirements throughout the entire production process, in order to achieve the highest standards of production requirements. The machine’s integrated production, with professional imitation Cartier love bracelet and division of labor. Artificial design, grinding, and assembly, has a wealth of experience and technology, for the movement, Bulgari design is better, with a unique style.

From BVL 303 movement to BVL 168 movement

Bvlgari’s watchmaking is actually a step by step from the road, from the case, dial to the watch, the whole table is the pursuit of self-control, to the introduction of homemade movement, Bulgari seems to have long been expected to do everything development of. In 2008 the brand introduced Calibro 303 self-winding movement, and FP1185 movement as one withdrawal. This movement thickness of 5.5 mm, diameter 26.2 mm, 303 parts with 37 gems, 21,600 vibrations per hour, and then into the Bulgari adjustment, 40 hours power reserve compared to the basic movement of 5 hours , Other aspects still have the stability of the basic movement. Therefore, Bvlgari also uses the 303 parts given the name BVL 303 movement.

The Bulgari Diagono Chronograph, number DG42C3SLDCH, Diagono from the ancient Greek “agon”, meaning “competition, competition”, and the concept of chronograph coincide. The 42 mm diameter case is engraved with the BVLGARI · BVLGARI logo. Through the mirror, the elegant design of the dial is self-evident, each Diagono watch dial BVLGARI BVLGARI homemade movement factory to create, all the production process up to 4 months, the dial has a long history The internal enamel technology, three small dial closely linked, highlighting its superior performance and accuracy, highlighting the wearer’s taste. In power, that is equipped with self-made brand BVL 303 mechanical chronograph movement, with automatic winding system and date display, movement decorated with polka dot polish and Geneva ripple, the chamfer finishing treatment, the aesthetic or work Not bad

In 2010, the brand introduced a new self-made movement BVL 168, this movement is different from the 303, on the whole sense, 168 can be regarded as the brand’s first true sense of self-made movement. BVL 168 has undergone a series of improvements since its launch.

BVL 191 Movement:

Launched in 2013, BVL 191 is a lot nicer than 168. Bvlgari homemade BVL 191 Solotempo self-winding movement, the number of stones 26, with 42 hours power reserve of 28,800 times per hour (4 Hz) frequency, the chain efficiency is more satisfactory. The movement also has a stop-second function, when you pull out the crown, the second hand will stop functioning, which can effectively reduce gear wear. In detail, the movement also has a very good aesthetics, plywood decorated with Geneva lines, bridge bevel and corners have been polished, the gear after grinding, chamfered grooves and polished screws.

Bulgari Roma was born in 1975, the first Bulgari Bulgari watch was officially launched in 1977, and won a huge market response, and now Bulgari Bulgari re-interpretation of the vitality of the watch. The new Bulgari Bulgari all models are equipped with high-performance Bulgari BVL 191 Solotempo self-winding movement. Classic 39 mm case, with a very recognizable, simple font engraved on the bezel “Bulgari Bulgari” the word to become a discernible design symbol for the world, the cylindrical design is also Bulgari classic design Replica Cartier jewelry. Through the mirror, dial central seconds and calendar window assembly, hour and minute hands with hollow design, simple digital scale, so that the watch’s classic style contains them.

In order to meet the needs of different groups, the watch has a variety of styles, rose gold case with black crocodile leather strap, stainless steel case with a brown crocodile leather strap or the same material bracelet, gold and stainless steel color case with The same material bracelet, and another all-gold watch to choose from.

Slim manual winding Finissimo mechanical movement

Thin hand-winding Finissimo movement of both the design and thinking of the future development potential as a starting point. Caliber only 1.95 mm thickness, is the thinnest movement ever. The Finissimo tourbillon movement offers the extra torque needed to provide a variety of new, sophisticated mechanisms for the future while maintaining the thinness of the watch body.

On the one hand, from the appearance point of view, men’s watch OCTO series has a very eye-catching brand recognition. The case is neither circular nor square, but the perfect blend of the two geometric shapes to create the most recognizable octagonal design, creating a grand natural and geometric aesthetics, the case consists of 110 sections , Each part are handmade carefully, and with polished and satin finish, and the overall style of the watch perfectly echoed.

On the other hand, the most amazing is that this watch is only 5 mm thick, but also equipped with a 1.95 mm thick tourbillon movement. This movement consists of 249 parts, chamfered and decorated with Geneva ripples. There are two cleats: one for the minute wheel and the other for the tourbillon wheel train that rotates once per minute. In order to ensure its ultra-thin structure, the movement does not use speed components, but directly adjust the timing on the balance wheel, at the same time the use of additional ball bearings, and with a shell-type rolling bearing tourbillon frame to support Its movement. Through the back through the mirror, the face of the movement of the operation, this is definitely a mechanical visual feast.

BVL 128 hand-wound mechanical movement

OCTO FINISSIMO uses a classic octagonal case, black polished lacquered dial with relief time-stamped and small eccentric seconds hand display at 7:30.

Placed in a 40mm platinum case of just 5mm in thickness, this watch’s movement is complemented by a polished, black lacquered face plate that brings Octo Finissimo to the classic, elegant wristwatch. Powered by branded self-made BVL 128 hand-wound mechanical movement with small second hand and power reserve indicator on back – Finissimo movement decorated with Geneva ripples and pearl polka dots and chamfered finish.

Summary: For the movement of research and development and transformation, each watch brand is from www.ourlovestore.com constantly research and exploration of the topic, Bulgari has never been. With time and again for the shock of the watch industry, Bulgari in its own unique way to confirm the brand’s visibility and presence. Perhaps there are many people who did not understand before Bulgari is also watch makers, but now, with the continuous improvement of the brand in the field of watches and innovation, more and more people began to pay attention to Bulgari watches, enjoy Bulgari Lai’s design, emphasis on Bvlgari watchmaking technology, which is why the brand deserves our respects, because it can bring new discoveries to the world.

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