A good watch is not only beautiful appearance

To crown the crown, will bear its weight. Want to wear the crown will inevitably have to bear its weight, the top of the Bulgari glittering crown of treasure as a general treasure flashing gold, but not every brand is eligible to wear the crown, the same crown is not Each brand can stand up to its aura, only the unique style of Bulgari Italian style can be so elegant and elegant fit. For more than 130 years, Bulgari has been amazed by the extraordinary creativity of the world and the dream-rich romantic spirit. Every brilliant history and classic masterpiece is backed by the brand’s ultimate technology and endless exploration spirit.

A good watch is not only beautiful appearance, more importantly, to have a strong movement, a brand with independent watchmaking ability should have a homemade movement. For Bulgari, the movement of self-production and creation is even more important. Whether it is ultra-thin manual winding movement or automatic winding movement, the strict requirements throughout the entire production process, in order to achieve the highest standards of production requirements. The machine’s integrated production, with professional imitation Cartier love bracelet and division of labor. Artificial design, grinding, and assembly, has a wealth of experience and technology, for the movement, Bulgari design is better, with a unique style.

From BVL 303 movement to BVL 168 movement

Bvlgari’s watchmaking is actually a step by step from the road, from the case, dial to the watch, the whole table is the pursuit of self-control, to the introduction of homemade movement, Bulgari seems to have long been expected to do everything development of. In 2008 the brand introduced Calibro 303 self-winding movement, and FP1185 movement as one withdrawal. This movement thickness of 5.5 mm, diameter 26.2 mm, 303 parts with 37 gems, 21,600 vibrations per hour, and then into the Bulgari adjustment, 40 hours power reserve compared to the basic movement of 5 hours , Other aspects still have the stability of the basic movement. Therefore, Bvlgari also uses the 303 parts given the name BVL 303 movement.

The Bulgari Diagono Chronograph, number DG42C3SLDCH, Diagono from the ancient Greek “agon”, meaning “competition, competition”, and the concept of chronograph coincide. The 42 mm diameter case is engraved with the BVLGARI · BVLGARI logo. Through the mirror, the elegant design of the dial is self-evident, each Diagono watch dial BVLGARI BVLGARI homemade movement factory to create, all the production process up to 4 months, the dial has a long history The internal enamel technology, three small dial closely linked, highlighting its superior performance and accuracy, highlighting the wearer’s taste. In power, that is equipped with self-made brand BVL 303 mechanical chronograph movement, with automatic winding system and date display, movement decorated with polka dot polish and Geneva ripple, the chamfer finishing treatment, the aesthetic or work Not bad

In 2010, the brand introduced a new self-made movement BVL 168, this movement is different from the 303, on the whole sense, 168 can be regarded as the brand’s first true sense of self-made movement. BVL 168 has undergone a series of improvements since its launch.

BVL 191 Movement:

Launched in 2013, BVL 191 is a lot nicer than 168. Bvlgari homemade BVL 191 Solotempo self-winding movement, the number of stones 26, with 42 hours power reserve of 28,800 times per hour (4 Hz) frequency, the chain efficiency is more satisfactory. The movement also has a stop-second function, when you pull out the crown, the second hand will stop functioning, which can effectively reduce gear wear. In detail, the movement also has a very good aesthetics, plywood decorated with Geneva lines, bridge bevel and corners have been polished, the gear after grinding, chamfered grooves and polished screws.

Bulgari Roma was born in 1975, the first Bulgari Bulgari watch was officially launched in 1977, and won a huge market response, and now Bulgari Bulgari re-interpretation of the vitality of the watch. The new Bulgari Bulgari all models are equipped with high-performance Bulgari BVL 191 Solotempo self-winding movement. Classic 39 mm case, with a very recognizable, simple font engraved on the bezel “Bulgari Bulgari” the word to become a discernible design symbol for the world, the cylindrical design is also Bulgari classic design Replica Cartier jewelry. Through the mirror, dial central seconds and calendar window assembly, hour and minute hands with hollow design, simple digital scale, so that the watch’s classic style contains them.

In order to meet the needs of different groups, the watch has a variety of styles, rose gold case with black crocodile leather strap, stainless steel case with a brown crocodile leather strap or the same material bracelet, gold and stainless steel color case with The same material bracelet, and another all-gold watch to choose from.

Slim manual winding Finissimo mechanical movement

Thin hand-winding Finissimo movement of both the design and thinking of the future development potential as a starting point. Caliber only 1.95 mm thickness, is the thinnest movement ever. The Finissimo tourbillon movement offers the extra torque needed to provide a variety of new, sophisticated mechanisms for the future while maintaining the thinness of the watch body.

On the one hand, from the appearance point of view, men’s watch OCTO series has a very eye-catching brand recognition. The case is neither circular nor square, but the perfect blend of the two geometric shapes to create the most recognizable octagonal design, creating a grand natural and geometric aesthetics, the case consists of 110 sections , Each part are handmade carefully, and with polished and satin finish, and the overall style of the watch perfectly echoed.

On the other hand, the most amazing is that this watch is only 5 mm thick, but also equipped with a 1.95 mm thick tourbillon movement. This movement consists of 249 parts, chamfered and decorated with Geneva ripples. There are two cleats: one for the minute wheel and the other for the tourbillon wheel train that rotates once per minute. In order to ensure its ultra-thin structure, the movement does not use speed components, but directly adjust the timing on the balance wheel, at the same time the use of additional ball bearings, and with a shell-type rolling bearing tourbillon frame to support Its movement. Through the back through the mirror, the face of the movement of the operation, this is definitely a mechanical visual feast.

BVL 128 hand-wound mechanical movement

OCTO FINISSIMO uses a classic octagonal case, black polished lacquered dial with relief time-stamped and small eccentric seconds hand display at 7:30.

Placed in a 40mm platinum case of just 5mm in thickness, this watch’s movement is complemented by a polished, black lacquered face plate that brings Octo Finissimo to the classic, elegant wristwatch. Powered by branded self-made BVL 128 hand-wound mechanical movement with small second hand and power reserve indicator on back – Finissimo movement decorated with Geneva ripples and pearl polka dots and chamfered finish.

Summary: For the movement of research and development and transformation, each watch brand is from www.ourlovestore.com constantly research and exploration of the topic, Bulgari has never been. With time and again for the shock of the watch industry, Bulgari in its own unique way to confirm the brand’s visibility and presence. Perhaps there are many people who did not understand before Bulgari is also watch makers, but now, with the continuous improvement of the brand in the field of watches and innovation, more and more people began to pay attention to Bulgari watches, enjoy Bulgari Lai’s design, emphasis on Bvlgari watchmaking technology, which is why the brand deserves our respects, because it can bring new discoveries to the world.

This Altiplano gold chain watch is an essential urban fashion accessory

In today’s watch field, is still a handful of top brands to control the watch’s main technology and market, some people’s brand of high-end watch market is not how good, there are cognitive reasons for the watch brand wrist Table itself is the technology of the reasons for today’s watch home for everyone to bring five top brands watch the Hong Kong market.

Earl ALTIPLANO series G0A40013 watch

Diameter 38 mm Altiplano 900P watch with a combination of movement and case design imitation Cartier love bracelet, the thickness of only 3.65 mm, creating the world’s ultra-thin record. The mystique of this ultimate slim watch is embedded in the rose gold case of the 78 diamonds: the case is also the main plate of the movement, and the mechanical parts are mounted directly on the case. Such a complex structure, on behalf of the movement needs to be upside down, the bridge near the dial installed on the side, showing the double standards of technology and beauty. To break the slim limit, all the mechanisms and pointers are cleverly installed in a thin balance wheel, when the points were on the dial was eccentric display. The count even more for this square space specially designed dangling style barrels, only by a table near the dial side of the bridge connection and fixed. This extraordinary masterpiece has a power reserve of about 48 hours.

Earl ALTIPLANO series G0A40105 watch

This Altiplano gold chain watch is an essential urban fashion accessory, bringing an elegant touch to everyday life. This watch is equipped with a diameter of 34 mm rose gold case, simple lines classic, elegant dial with a long pointer, the perfect echo of the modern full of polished rose gold chain. Its soft, chain-link design is ergonomic and extremely comfortable to wear. This section of casual fashion watch equipped with Earl made 534P self-winding mechanical movement, with hour and minute display, power reserve up to about 42 hours. Like all Earl movements, this caliber is also finished with traditional Haute Couture craftsmanship, featuring the “Côtes de Genève” ring Geneva wavy pattern, the ring wavy decorative plate and the chamfered decorative watch bridge.

Vacheron Constantin HARMONY Series 7810S / 000G-B050 watch

To celebrate the 260th anniversary of the brand, Vacheron Constantin introduced seven new “HARMONY” name of the new watch. These limited-edition pillow-shaped watches draw inspiration from the chronographs introduced in 1928, brand new modern interpretation of timepieces, exquisite case simple, all kinds of curvature, lines and refraction of light harmoniously into one, from more Wrist watches show the beauty.

Vacheron Constantin HARMONY Series 7805S / 000G-B052 watch

Like the previous watch, this watch is also the new watch Vacheron Constantin celebrates the 260th anniversary of the establishment of the brand, this watch with 18K white gold case to create a bezel encrusted 88 diamonds, a limited edition of 500 Pieces, engraved in the watch’s back “260th Anniversary” words. Inside the watch is a 2460DT self-winding movement developed and manufactured for Vacheron Constantin.

Cartier key series WJCL0015 watch

If you feel too simple, low-key watch is not focused enough, then this CLé DE CARTIER watch, Replica Cartier jewelry can open a woman’s heart like a key it? Unique key crown, non-round non-square case, bright strap, if the tank is a masculine beauty, then the CLé DE CARTIER series presents another Cartier beauty. First of all, from the appearance point of view, the shape of this watch is very novel, as if the square has a round shape, the ear is soft cone; Second, through sapphire crystal glass, the dial shows a touch of classical temperament, Solar radiation effect, surrounded by a blue Roman numeral scale, calendar display window at six o’clock position. In power, the watch is equipped with 1847 MC movement, the name “1847 MC” represents the year the brand was founded. With a 25.6 mm diameter movement, a fast rotating barrel greatly improves travel time stability with semi-instantaneous date display and up to 42 hours of power reserve.

Swiss watch brand Tissot also watch enthusiasts around the world and sports fans who have brought a perfect feast for sports and timepieces. Today, the watch home for everyone to bring a Tissot for the 2014 Asian Games launch of the watch, PR 100 Series 2014 Asian Games special ladies watch.

Tissot PR 100 Series 2014 Asian Games special section watch dial with red and white with elegant penetration of vitality. At the same time Tissot also provides a dark gray dial PR 100 Series 2014 Asian Games special paragraph male watch for female friends to choose.

27 mm stainless steel case
27 mm stainless steel case, compact, more feminine side. Watch the white dial full elegant, red second hand embellishment to make this watch in gloom and permeated with majestic vitality. Equipped with an ETA 2671 self-winding mechanical movement.

Screw-in gear-shaped stainless steel crown
Screw-in gear-shaped steel crown, feel comfortable, polish the top of the crown engraved brand Tissot capital letter “T”.

Stainless steel three-row style bracelet
Three rows of stainless steel bracelet, bracelet links between the polished by drawing and satin polishing and other surface treatment presents a beautiful appearance, staggered complex surface treatment style shows Tissot watches in the process of the ultimate pursuit and in Design intentions.

Case thickness of 9.1 mm
The thickness of this watch is 9.1 mm, slightly thicker. Lateral with a matte brushed polished side, simple and delicate case handle more prominent relatively thin case.

The lugs are square
Lugs were cut square, simple and tough lines, drawn subtle arc to fit the wrist, to ensure comfortable to wear, the overall design and strap integration, the basic and the first section of the bracelet flat.

Adjustable folding clasp
Adjustable folding buckle, buckle top printed with a matte satin “T” logo, easy to wear.

White dial
White dial, silver sword-shaped hour hand, minute hand decorated with fluorescent material in the www.ourlovestore.com to ensure that the dark environment can still be easily read, 12 o’clock logo printed under the “1853”, telling Tissot long tabulation history. Dial 3 o’clock position equipped with a date display window, black and white, concise, red second hand and time scale called the crowning touch of this watch, this watch adds vitality.

Equipped with ETA 2671 self-winding mechanical movement
This watch is a compact design, waterproof 100 meters depth, equipped with an ETA 2671 self-winding mechanical movement, thickness 4.8 mm movement, providing at least 38 hours of power reserve. Bottom cover printed with beautiful and colorful screen printing 2014 Incheon 17th Asian Games event signs.

Summary: In white and silver to show the feminine, while Tissot watchmaker skillfully pick up the Incheon Asian Games emblem above the symbol of the sun glory of this touch of red, add to the watch design, so that has been elegant and quiet Table vague precipitation vibrant vitality. Watch function is simple and practical, equipped with ETA2671 movement stability, very suitable for everyday life to wear practical

Extraordinary creative Roger Docthe Excalibur Brocéliande watch

Roger Dubuis Roger Dubish through a series of outstanding jewelry watches, showing the brand of high-end ladies fashion works of the unique interpretation of exudes both classic and fashionable charm of women. Now the brand by its fascinating extraordinary creative hollow watch, for the Excalibur series to create a novelty clever jewelry timepieces, but also for the interpretation of the hollow skills to show a new look of women’s elegance. Here to follow the watch home, to feel the charm of Excalibur Brocéliande watch!

Extraordinary creative Roger Docthe Excalibur Brocéliande watch

This section inlaid with 4.56 carat diamonds of the tempting time to create only limited edition of three imitation Cartier love bracelet, the bezel and lugs are decorated with brilliant bright rectangular cut diamonds, and the edge of the 10 bright cut gems embraced each other The So gorgeous exquisite frame, set off the dial inlaid with bright cut diamonds and semi-precious stones with pink and purple leaves, these leaves are dotted with delicate diamond diamonds dendrites dendrites.

This section of rhodium-plated rose gold Excalibur Brocéliande watch with hand-sewn pink crocodile leather strap, which can be adjusted folding clasp is also decorated with 32 rectangular cut diamonds, bold display of female elegance. Jewelery craft and watchmaking technology in the Excalibur king of the series of 42 mm case in a wonderful way into one, delicate inlaid leaves are presented in different ways, and jewelry vines are in the movement within the roundabout shuttle, and the Splint link. The feminine interpretation of the hollow craft comes from the grille that provide slowly climbing of ivy, whether on walls or fences, and these vines are always gently and feminine.

This dazzling eye-catching works of each mosaic of about 3.44 carats of diamonds, with a gorgeous pink strap; its rose gold case and diamond bezel, lugs and rims cleverly combined together; and with a fall color Of the semi-precious stones are dotted with slender golden diamond ivy dendrites. Slender bezel and rim inlaid with double-row bright cut diamonds, more to enhance the overall multi-level three-dimensional visual effects, and the crown inlaid with rose-type cut diamonds, it produces the effect of finishing touch.

Roger Dubuis Roger Dudu once again with a bold design beyond imagination, to create a view of the visitors view of the exhibition hall, in order to sincerely welcome the annual watch event. Roger Dubuis Roger Dudu’s exhibition design inspiration also contains a combination of fashion, architecture, painting, sculpture and film production and other areas of comprehensive consideration to the fantastic strange mechanical world. Here we take a look at Roger Dubuis Roger Doubi in the 2015 Asian high fashion show on the new work, with a carved stone dial in the Excalibur 42 watch it!

Elegant simplicity Roger Doo Excalibur 42 Automatic self – winding watch

In order to further play the classic Excalibur king series of legendary inspiration, Roger Dubuis Roger Du he launched a only issue 188, equipped with extraordinary unique collection of collectors limited edition watch. This watch to hand-crafted stone dial to echo the legendary firmly in the Excalibur, waiting for the future King of England to come to touch the stone, to the King Arthur and the round table knight’s story to pay tribute.

This dial with a rose gold pointer, and engraved Roman numerals and black minutes circle, highlighting the heroic timing partner elegant simplicity characteristics. This Excalibur 42 watch equipped with RD622 movement, is composed of 179 hand-made parts of the self-winding Replica Cartier jewelry movement, equipped with a watch factory-made, to ensure efficient performance of the iconic mini-pendulum Tuo, and beautiful shape Roger Dubuis Roger Dubby autopamps, springs and levers.

This carved stone dial in the Excalibur 42 watch as a limited product, no matter from the watch, wear, collection which point of view is very valuable! The carved dial is bound to make the wearer in the crowd among them different!

In a simple design style known Bo Tao Fenuo series of watch family add a technically superb new watch – Park Tao Fenuo manual single-button chronograph watch. This is the IWC IWC launched the first ingenuity single-button chronograph watch. Crown on the micro-convex button revealed that this watch contains additional mechanical devices, and make the operation more simple. Watch with platinum and red gold two styles, are the perfect interpretation of the Parker Fenuo watch series of luxury restrained the essence.

Adhering to the elegant tradition of the Pato Feno watch family, this new member also presents a unique elegance style, as well as charming technology subtleties: the most common chronograph watch is in the “2 o’clock” and “4 o’clock Clock “at each set a button, which is the most classic form of chronograph watch.

But the Parker Fenuo manual single-button chronograph watch (model IW515103 / IW515104) is a distinctive single-button timing mechanism come to the fore, and can be up to 60 minutes of time. Timing button is placed in the crown, at first glance almost imperceptible. The start, stop and zeroing of the timer function can be easily achieved by repeatedly pressing the multi-function button.

The third time you press the button to reset all the time display to zero. This simple switching mechanism also highlights the aesthetic design of the watch, showing the elegant watch extraordinary. Although the addition of the timing of this additional feature, but the Park Tao Fenuo manual single-button chronograph watch still retains the simple style, in the fine when the show had just revealed its various functions.

Luxury watch for the exclusive high-level leather

Since the birth of more than three decades, the Parker Fenuo watch family in the IWC IWC watch series in www.ourlovestore.com has been a pivotal position. In the complicated processing process, each carefully crafted SANTONI strap in the factory are given a unique appearance of the ancient, shiny gloss also has its own characteristics. This craft makes leather seem like after years of careful use, but in fact it is a new production made. Another hallmark of SANTONI is the orange leather lined inside the strap. Mediterranean beauty and charm of the atmosphere into the watch and straps in the perfect handmade skills.

Simple and low-key can be described as Bai Tao Fenuo watch family tradition, but also since the birth of Park Tao Fenuo watch introverted design and classic modeling of the soul. IWC Chief Executive Officer Qiao Si Si (GEORGES KERN), commented: “This watch to maintain the function, design and ease of use of the perfect balance of the three, the traditional manual watchmaking process and modern engineering combined seamless, Only to breed this make us proud of the new senior watch model for.

This watch is equipped with automatic mechanical movement inside

1986 Radar introduced the first precision ceramic production Integral watch. Since then, the ceramic watch began to enter the ranks of advanced tabulation. Although only a short thirty years, but whether it is completely ceramic to create the body or metal and ceramic with the production, the radar in the watch on the production of ceramics has been consummate. Today, the watch home for everyone to recommend three radar brand’s ceramic watch, together to enjoy their style.

Radar Hao Star Series R32109152 watch

This watch is equipped with automatic mechanical movement inside, the case diameter of 38.7 mm, black dial inlaid silver Arabic numerals and time scale, three o’clock date display window. Watch covered with sapphire crystal glass table mirror, the use of ceramic and stainless steel with imitation Cartier love bracelet a chain strap. Watch waterproof depth of 50 meters, the use of back through the bottom of the design.

Radar TRUE THINLINE Thin Series R27957102 watch

This elegant watch diameter of 39 mm, circular case with quartz movement inside. Watch white dial inlaid rose gold time scale, the use of the central pointer. Watch case covered sapphire crystal glass table mirror, with pure white ceramic material chain strap. Watch waterproof depth of 30 meters.

Radar overall ceramic series R21347742 watch

This watch is a series of radar integrated ceramic series, watch square case diameter of 27.2 mm, black dial inlaid with four diamonds as a time scale, the use of gold pointer, six o’clock position date display. Case covered sapphire crystal glass table mirror, equipped with black chain strap. Watch waterproof depth of 30 meters.

Summary: Radar watch to create a never worn watch, and ceramic watch is a super wear-resistant high hardness, and ceramics have excellent corrosion resistance and heat resistance. At the same time the ceramic has excellent skin-friendly, wearing no damage to the skin. These three watches are ladies watch, with their own different styles, like a friend can choose to start.

Vacheron Constantin’s PATRIMONY heritage series of watches, inspired by the creation of the 1950s, the perfect round and harmonious ratio is the pursuit of the series design. And thus derived from the simple and generous, whether it is relatively simple function or function is relatively complex, are deeply branded the classic Replica Cartier jewelry.

Vacheron Constantin PATRIMONY series 85180 / 000G-9230 watch

The watch has a diameter of 40 mm and a thickness of 8.53 mm. Case made of 18K platinum built. Round white dial overall design simple and generous. To slim short mark as a time scale, twelve o’clock direction is Vacheron Constantin’s LOGO, six o’clock direction with date display window. Equipped with Vacheron Constantin models Cal.2450SC movement, diameter of 26.2 mm, thickness of 3.6 mm, 28,800 times per hour vibration, the use of 27 stones, a total of 196 parts, providing 40 hours of power storage. Black Mississippi crocodile leather strap with 18K white gold needle buckle, providing 30 meters of water depth.

Vacheron Constantin Heritage Series 87172 / 000R-9303 watch

Watch table diameter of 38 mm, case thickness of 8 mm, the case is made of 18K rose gold, black and rose gold with the watch makes the visual more calm and refined temperament. Black round dial, the use of rose gold time scale and pointer, three o’clock direction is the date display window, nine o’clock direction is small seconds. Using the movement model Cal.2455, from Vacheron Constantin, 26.2 mm in diameter, the thickness of 3.6 mm, 28,800 times per hour oscillation, the use of 27 stones, the number of 194 parts, providing 40 hours of power storage. Strap material for the black Mississippi crocodile skin, 18K rose gold needle clasp, providing 30 meters waterproof depth.

Vacheron Constantin RETROGRADE DAY-DATE Flying back to the calendar calendar series 86020 / 000G-9508 watch

Watch table diameter of 42.5 mm, the thickness of 10.02 mm, case material for the 18K white gold, after polishing. Round white dial on the previous two watches, slightly enhance the function, the design still follow the simple concept. The pointer and the time scale are designed to be slim, from nine o’clock direction clockwise to three o’clock direction from the number 1 to 31 arranged on the date display disk, the triangle pointer used to mark the date. Six o’clock direction is the week display disk, the same with www.ourlovestore.com a pointer to indicate the triangle. Equipped with Vacheron Constantin Model Cal.2460R31 R7 movement, diameter of 27.2 mm, thickness of 5.4 mm, 28,800 times per hour oscillation, a total of 283 parts, providing 40 hours of power storage. Straps also use the black Mississippi crocodile skin, and with 18K white gold folding buckle. Provide 30 meters waterproofing depth.

Summary: History is a witness to the development of the brand, heritage is the continuation of the essence of history. Vacheron Constantin’s three watches in terms of the overall design concept and style, or from the watch production process and function, are the essence of the traditional watch a continuation and retention. Simple and yet functional, I believe that these watches can let you control a variety of occasions.

with a white rubber band or Silk belt simple and handsome show

Marine series 5827 chronometer table diameter 42 mm, equipped with Cal.583 self-winding chronograph movement, calendar and timing function, waterproof 100 meters, there are rose gold, platinum two styles, strap optional crocodile skin or rubber.

In 5827 on the basis of the development of 5829 high-level jewelry models, bezel, case, crown, lugs, buttons are set with rectangular diamonds, platinum dial and inner ring with sapphire, rose gold is changed to ruby , Luxurious and beautiful, unusual.

While in the No. 5837 Marine watch combines Breguet’s voyage tradition and another major invention tourbillon. Its movement Cal.554 is the first Breguet with a bird escapement movement watch. Not only is the balance wheel, the escapement wheel and the fork imitation Cartier love bracelet are also made of siliceous material. Tourbillon base with titanium metal material. Through these materials can be more light tourbillon, it also has better seismic performance, non-magnetic, because it does not need lubrication, so it is easier to adjust. It is also very few will Tourbillon and timing functions integrated products, modeling special Tourbillon front engraved on the “Navy watch manufacturers” words. Diameter 42 mm, waterproof 100 m, Marine Tourbillon chronograph rose gold and platinum models.

In addition, as a basis, Breguet also developed a number 5839 high-level jewelry, the diameter increased to 43 mm, bezel, case, crown, lugs, buttons are set with rectangular or trapezoidal diamond, Diamonds, domineering.

No. 5847 watch was named Marine Royale, the Royal sailing, is a rare waterproof depth of 300 meters of the diving diving watch. Underwater tests have shown that the sound spreads faster in the air than in air. Sound transmission depends on the transmission of the medium, the higher the density of the environment, the more conducive to the transmission effect. The speed of sound in the water is 4 times the speed of the water. And because the underwater environment is generally quieter than the open air environment, so hear the sound of the alarm underwater is more clear. Gold alarm set crown and switch button outer rubber protection, easy to operate. In order to improve the readability of the watch in the darkest underwater environment, the watch’s minute scale, minute hand and hour hand are painted with super luminous coating, while the clock and alarm scale is painted with blue Replica Cartier jewelry fluorescent material. 10 o’clock position as the power reserve display blue triangular indicators also coated with luminous material. Self-winding Cal.519 movement with alarm system, but also with the date and power reserve, alarm status display, diameter 45 mm, platinum and rose gold style, rubber strap models.

No. 5857 of the Marine series of new members, mining unprecedented two time style, with stainless steel or 18K rose gold material for presentation. Marine GMT 5857 Very sharp high resolution, including 42 mm in diameter case, welded ear, rubber strap and crown protection device, exudes a military table unique fortitude tough and agile action of the character. Different materials with different colors face plate, emphasizing its obvious contrast effect; stainless steel style silver plated face plate, and 18K rose gold is coated with black rhodium quality face plate. Hour markers also use different styles to do the difference; to Roman numerals represent the standard time zone, Arabic numerals represent the second time zone. Self-winding movement Cal.517F power reserve 72 hours, the use of silicon escapement device and silicon flat balance spring, to ensure the accuracy of the balance wheel vibration frequency.

In the field of female watch, the number 8818 of the Marine Lady diameter of 30 mm, gold and platinum models, bezel, ear and Fritus dial diamonds, crown inlaid sapphire, automatically linked to the big three-pin, with a white rubber band or Silk belt, simple and handsome show.

No. 8827 The Marine Women’s Chronograph Movement Cal.550 maintains the world’s smallest self-winding chronograph movement for a long time. Diameter 34.6 mm, 50 meters waterproof, platinum, rose gold, with a white rubber band, fresh and unique content.

No. 8828 of the table is based on the development of the former, in the bezel, lugs and Fritillaria are set inlaid diamonds in www.ourlovestore.com , to the traditional Marine embellishment bright style.

In this year, in order to commemorate the Breguet as the French Royal Navy watchmaker 200 anniversary, Breguet launched a very precious chronograph: “200 ans de Marine” 5823 navigation chronograph. This automatic winding chronograph limited edition of 200, using platinum case, noble temperament. In addition, the hand-carved gold pendulum Tuo uses black and rhodium-plated two-color design. Matte black gold dial can clearly show hours and minutes, the center has a chronograph second hand and minute hand, two small dial is a 9 o’clock position of the small second dial, the other is 6 o’clock position timer. The date window at 6 o’clock makes this watch perfect. This 42mm diameter watch is equipped with a black rubber strap.

Simultaneous reading of the Kam Denton latest series of world watch

In 2015, the Hong Kong Watch Fair, Vacheron Constantin launched two new world watch, a 18K platinum to create a 18K 5N pink gold to create, the two Vacheron Constantin world watch equipped for the Vacheron Constantin self-developed And create the 2460 WT movement, this movement can be real time 37 times the time, including the world standard time difference of half an hour or minutes of minutes, and Vacheron Constantin for this movement to apply for a patent. Today, the watch home for everyone to bring this 18K 5N pink gold watch the world watch, watch the official model: 86060 / 000R-8985.
Simultaneous reading of the Kam Kam Denton latest series of world watch

Adhering to the brand to carry forward the pioneering spirit, and is committed to creating a perfect multi-time zone of the faith, Vacheron Constantin in 1932 presented its first world time zone function of the timepiece. The movement was made by a Geneva watch wizards, Louis Cottier, who conceived and designed a mechanical imitation Cartier love bracelet movement that could show 24 time zones, indicating from 1 to 24 time zones through the central dial of the dial, The outer circle has the name of the world’s major cities.
Watch with 42.5 mm diameter design

Today for everyone to bring this a watch is Vacheron Constantin in 2015 Hong Kong Watch Fair launched in the new world watch, this is a 18K rose gold watch, there is a 18K white gold watch, not too much the difference. Watch with 42.5 mm diameter design, 18K rose gold watch to create.

The watch can show real time in 37 time zones

This world is the biggest feature of the watch is not only can show the whole time zone, but also shows some time zone time, you can display the true time of 37 time zones, that is, part of the standard and standard time difference of half an hour or fifteen minutes of time zone Can be displayed.

Watch crown and lugs all used for the 18K rose gold to create

Watch crown and lugs all used for the 18K rose gold to create, threaded design crown, easy to watch the tuning, watch the crown, engraved with Vacheron Constantin classic horse other LOGO logo.

Watch inside equipped with a 2460WT automatic winding movement

This Vacheron Constantin world watch is equipped with a 2460WT self-winding Replica Cartier jewelry movement, by Vacheron Constantin independent research and development, diameter 36.6 mm thickness of 7.55 mm, can provide 37 time zone display, the full chain can provide 40 hours Of the power reserve, because the watch is through the end of the design, so we can clearly see the watch internal movement of the precise operation.

Summary: This world watch although it looks more complex, but the operation is extremely convenient, just select the required reference time to adjust to the 6 o’clock position on the black triangle mark, you can by the hour or 24 The hourly disk reads the standard time of the desired location.
Mechanical watch from the development, and later by the quartz watch, electronic table squeeze, and then to the present return to glory, after a hundred years, hard road, hundreds of thousands of back, and now thriving, in full swing mechanical watch market, Watch time master constantly from the efforts. Now the major watch brands are constantly explored in the field of high complex movement, mechanical watch prices are constantly rising, but the basic mechanical movement watch in the market still occupy a larger consumer groups, today for everyone to recommend three high Cost-effective mechanical watch.

Amy CHRONOGRAPHE AUTOMATIQUE Automatic chronograph series LC6058-SS001-430 watch
Watch Comments: This watch looks like his series of names as elegant and deep, looks more noble. Round stainless steel case after polishing and matte surface treatment, with a black calfskin strap, suture neat embossed natural. Blue dial, elegant and deep, set the calendar window at 3 o’clock position, 6 o’clock position set 12 hours chronograph, 9 o’clock position set small seconds, 12 o’clock position set 30 minutes chronograph, disk neatly coordinated. Dial covered with curved sapphire crystal inner anti-glare table mirror, more wear-resistant, smooth.

Celebrity Ham Burton series MOA08878 watch
Watch this watch looks like some retro feeling, stainless steel case and silver dial, with dark brown belt, elegant retro style, this section both dual time zone and dynamic display display, dial 12 Point position set the second time zone pointer, 6 o’clock position set fan-shaped display, 3 o’clock position settings calendar window, all the needle with blue steel material, the overall gives a sense of elegance

Tiger TAG Heuer Monaco Series WW2111.FC6204 watch
Watch Comments: This Tiger Hyon Jay Monaco series of watches, stainless steel square case surface covered with www.ourlovestore.com sapphire crystal glass mirror, with blue crocodile leather strap, with avant-garde style. Dial with a steady blue with “small three needle” disk, 3 o’clock position set calendar window, 6 o’clock position set a small seconds, the overall look concise coordination. Stainless steel crown is located on the right side of the case, providing 50 meters of water for life.

Summary: mechanical watch as a handed down watch, has been the table fans relish, Switzerland’s best quartz movement life of about 20 to 30 years, and mechanical movement, as long as the normal use, on time maintenance , Can always keep running, coupled with the emergence of self-winding movement, mechanical watch in the quartz and electronic watch market, a serious pressure on the case, no very Tailai, ushered in today’s brilliant. Today for everyone to recommend these three mechanical watches, are in today’s mainstream cost-effective mechanical watch market watch products.

Sand silver oil pressure of the dial almost showing all the complex features of this watch

Titoni Plum grand launch of a new look Seascoper, is the company’s 70’s diving table historical style of reproduction. Handmade display of superb technology, this masculine watch is a reliable companion of marine adventure, but also suitable for everyday life, a design of elegant timepieces.

Plum table Seascoper 2014 rebirth

Waterproof 200 meters (20ATM) and strap with diving expansion kit make Seascoper the perfect choice for underwater adventure. One-way rotating bezel with charming details, spin-on stainless steel crown and second hand, cleverly given the unique characteristics of the watch. Unique stainless steel imitation Cartier love bracelet case set off elegant black dial, decorated with fluorescent hours and minute hands, and twelve special frame scales. 3 o’clock position of the date display to make the delicate interior, covered with scratch and anti-reflective sapphire crystal glass. Watch with an elegant black rubber strap, with a button button deduction.

Plum table 70 years of Seascoper

Through the passionate adventurer’s dream again reborn, Seascoper is an elegant and accurate companion for daily adventure. Elegant design and movement of the harmonious coexistence reflects the plum table on the table of professional and exquisite skills, because it is already generations of family business.
Tourbillon table represents the highest level of mechanical watch manufacturing process, the general mechanical watch, due to the spring tension, metal fatigue and gravity, the greater the error; Tourbillon governor, is the only one can not These effects are also the only ones that can reach the Observatory level of the mechanical watch structure. Today, Beijing watch factory with their own way to show the tourbillon’s high-end skills, it is amazing.

Distinguished luxury tasting Beijing Promise Ⅱ three-axis three-dimensional double Tourbillon watch

Beijing watch factory as a leader of Chinese watches, with a wealth of Chinese culture and historical background, after more than half a century of development, the Beijing brand is a steady pace in the field of watchmaking. Over the years, the Beijing watch factory launched a variety of models Tourbillon watch, today we want to introduce a precious metal material to create a three-axis three-dimensional Tourbillon watch, the official model: B023201302W.

This Beijing non-polar Ⅱ three-axis three-dimensional Tourbillon watch case made of 18K white gold, noble material highlights the luxury of the watch temperament. Relatively large 44 mm table diameter more masculine domineering, but also more able to show the wearer’s male tough temperament.

17.2 mm thick case equipped with a super complex mechanical movement inside, it not only for the watch to provide a strong performance support, but also highlights the exquisite handmade watch Beijing handmade watchmaking technology. 18K white gold noble material through the watchmaker’s fine polished polished, exudes a bright and bright metallic luster.
No crown side, more real experience to the outline of this watch, water chestnut double case design, bringing extraordinary fashion Replica Cartier jewelry sense, 9 o’clock position has two function buttons, respectively, to adjust the calendar and Behind the moon phase.

Sand silver oil pressure of the dial almost showing all the complex features of this watch, 1:00 is the kinetic energy reserve function display, indicating the clockwork can store more than 42 hours of power; 5 points for the three-axis three-dimensional tourbillon device; 9 o’clock position is the return date display, completed a reverse jump every month; 10 o’clock position is eccentric tourbillon. Time scale with Roman numerals, wheat grain in the dial played a very good decorative effect, 3 o’clock at the Beijing LOGO is to highlight the brand of Chinese characteristics.

Located at 10 o’clock position of the small seconds, but also a classic eccentric tourbillon, the pointer to a swallow way to show, swallows lifelike, vivid on the dial. Designers make the watch design to add vitality, but also brought unparalleled visual enjoyment.

And the plane tourbillon echoes at 5 o’clock at the three-axis three-dimensional tourbillon, Tourbillon vertical axis was tilted 25 degrees, the visual effect is more amazing. Through the sapphire glass mirror, you can clearly see the tourbillon fine grinding and decoration, mechanical structure at a glance. The three-dimensional tourbillon revolves around the z-axis for one revolution per minute and rotates for a week around the other axis x + 25 ° every 7.5 minutes.

Watch, the sub-needle with reverse jump structure, located in the upper half of the dial, minute hand back to the original position of the hour, the clock every 12 hours to complete a reverse jump. This time, the sub-head anti-jump design not only increase the fun, but also to avoid the three-dimensional tourbillon rotation space.

Crown at 3 o’clock position, made of 18K white gold, the edge of the use of a sophisticated gear design, not only beautiful, but also has a comfortable feel.

Brown crocodile leather strap low-key elegance, with a natural large bamboo texture, with folding clasp, easy to use and stylish.

Summary: watch with semi-transparent table shell design, equipped with manual winding TB09 movement, movement a total of 453 parts, 88 drill, so many small parts through pure manual assembly, it is a complex art, This is not only a test of the watchmaker’s meticulous and patient, but also highlights the Beijing brand watch the high Zhan skills, watch the back of the moon phase function, moon disc made with enamel, luxurious and elegant. This is only three-axis three-dimensional Tourbillon watch in www.ourlovestore.com not only the use of platinum precious metal material to complete the overall build, but also in the movement design also test the watchmaker’s superior inspiration, through the Beijing watch constantly understand, can not help but lament the Beijing table Seems to have become the attention of the domestic watch brand.

The dive chronograph also has additional technical advantages

Wempe Zeitmeister Glashütte i / SA Sport Taucher Chronograph Sports diving chronograph provides more features than the diving watch. The watch is not only in the same three kinds of new diving watch the largest size, and from the visual impressive. The flagship of this water sports watch is the first and is currently the only German Observatory table certified diving watch. In the style, appearance or function, the Wempe Zeitmeister Glashütte i / SA Sport Taucher Chronograph sports diving chronographs are consistent with the two sisters of its diving series: underwater 300 meters sealed waterproof, diamond cutting easy to capture the ceramic Bezel, screw-in bottom cover and spiral crown, edge protection, integrated stainless steel bracelet with extension chain. The difference is that the case diameter is not 42 mm, but 45 mm, according to ergonomic principles to pull down the edges and corners and seamless chain to maintain a high degree of comfort. The dive chronograph also has additional technical advantages, at first glance can identify its “sports” features: chronograph function (that is, time recorder).

Although it is no longer necessary to write down the time to stop now, but with the eye-catching timer central pointer marked the minutes to stop the time. The pointer is equipped with a practical fluorescent triangle. During up to 12 hours of counting, the stop time can be read from two additional counter discs. The second hand will be displayed at the 9 o’clock position of the third built-in small seconds dial. The chronograph function is monitored by two imitation Cartier love bracelet elegant keys (at 2 o’clock and 4 o’clock, respectively).

Personal time management – this most popular feature also highlights the movement of the watch. In sports, in many cases it is necessary to record the time in order to be able to achieve the best time and time to record. In the diving movement is also complex. This is also the measurement function that the Wempe Zeitmeister Glashütte i / SA Sport Taucher Chronograph dive chronograph can complete. In the unfamiliar underwater, first of all to correctly display a limited time. To this end, the chronograph is equipped with a dive time adjustment ring, the zero position at the beginning of the diving process with the watch minute pointer overlap. Then start calculating the dive time and be able to easily read the time from the ceramic bezel under unfavorable visual conditions in the water.

This is a watch from all angles are full of male power, while with additional practical features. Here, the name Wempe represents quality and ruggedness.

Wempe Zeitmeister Glashütte i / SA Sport Taucher Chronograph Sports Submersible Chronograph


Movement: Sellita SW500 movement (automatic movement chronograph), stop function, calendar display

Factory specifications: round, diameter 30.00 mm, 13 ¼ inch

Total height: 7.90 mm

Bearing gem: 25 tablets

Escapement system: Swiss anchor escapement

Oscillation system: Balanced frequency 28800 Half cycle number / hour

Power reserve: 48 hours

Observatory table Global starting: German Observatory table officially tested in accordance with DIN 8319

Features: hours, minutes, seconds and calendar display

Additional functions: stop function, seconds and minutes timer and hour timer

Technical changes: load your own Replica Cartier jewelry precision adjustment device

Operating element: Spiral crown for adjusting the pointer and winding device, 2 buttons for chronograph switch function, 1 correction button for date quick correction

Case: stainless steel, 45 mm in diameter, with an astronomical engraving on the back of the table, waterproof depth of up to 30 bar

Surface: double-sided anti-dazzle treatment sapphire crystal glass

Strap: Stainless steel bracelet with folding buckle, safety bracket and extension element, wire drawing, middle part polished, lug width 22.0 mm

Dial: black dial, with steel pointer and fluorescent color (Super Luminova luminous paint)

Pointer: Stainless steel pointer and Super Luminova luminous paint
Citroën launched the aluminum championship series (DS PODIUM GMT CHRONOGRAPH – ALUMINUM), the case is made of aluminum alloy, even more than twice the titanium metal. The new aluminum championship series of the two timetables for the original series of the series of snow Ferner movement brought a more colorful new choice. The new aluminum championship series two timetable equipped with a very accurate and well-known ETA Precidrive movement, movement with the second time zone function, timing function, hours and seconds and date display.

This watch combines excellent classic design and cutting-edge technology. Highly accurate ETA quartz movement is assembled in the 42 mm very light case, the case is not only very light quality, but also for the brand design has opened up exciting new ideas. Black bezel printed with a corrosion-resistant scale, sapphire crystal glass table mirror by double-sided anti-glare treatment shows clear, black dial and the timing of the dial point of the strong contrast in www.ourlovestore.com. Hours, minute hands and 24 hours The second time zone hands are processed by the nightlight for reading in dark environments. The top printed with “DS” marked on both sides of the crown with two pieces of the same theme with the watch the same shoulder to protect the crown at the same time, but also for the watch to bring a more stylish visual effects, reflecting the snow The details of the handling of skilled grasp.

The watch’s waterproof depth of 10 bar (about 100 meters), and equipped with the concept of double-insurance Citroen DS (super wear-resistant sapphire crystal glass, the lever on the O-ring gasket, the crown of the two O Shaped ring washers, case covers on the bottom cover, forced tightened case bottom cover), equipped with ETA Precidrive movement with a suitable EOL (end-of-life) early warning system. Which green and red watches with a buckle with a black rubber strap, and sand color of the watch is accompanied by a white strap.

With the Swiss watchmaking process the Montblanc watch series will be excellent tradition

Citizen’s predecessor for the Japanese Institute of Planning and Research, was founded in 1918. CITIZEN brand timing products began in 1924, is a pocket watch. At that time, the Mayor of Tokyo, Mr. Goto Shinping expected this painstakingly developed Japanese-made pocket watch to become “CITIZEN, that is, all the citizens of the world close to the favorite” products, so named “CITIZEN”. With such a good wish, “Citizen Times Co., Ltd.” was formally established in 1930. All along, Citizen are “for the public favorite, for the public to contribute” as a corporate philosophy.
What brand is CITIZEN?
Citizen is a world-renowned watch brand, that all citizens of the world to provide high-grade products and high standards of service for the mission, hope that through the “favorite for the public, close to the public” products, contribute to the good imitation Cartier love bracelet life of all mankind The As a large multinational company, Citizen Group in Japan with 46 enterprises, Japan has 64 overseas branches, the global total of 110 branches. All along, adhering to the never-ending spirit of innovation and continue to challenge the brand concept of the future, Citizen has always been in the international watch industry’s leading position.

Citizen has developed into a large multinational company. Citizen Group has 46 companies in Japan, Japan has 64 branches overseas, the global total of 110 branches, more than 26,000 employees worldwide. In addition to the scope of business watch industry, but also related to electronic equipment, communications products, machinery and equipment, and other fields. Citizen City is the core enterprise of Citizen Group. Citizen City Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive watch manufacturers, set product development, production, marketing in one, all departments with the machine, with the fastest speed to respond to market demand.

From 2007 onwards, Citizen (China) Co., Ltd. watches and clocks in the country began to flagship stores and stores, to enrich the full range of products, elegant and comfortable environment, and staff meticulous patience to fully meet the people of personalized, The need for shopping. The Chinese market has become the third largest market in Citizen. Citizen has always attached importance to the common development of Chinese society, and strive to carry out the activities to contribute to the local community, always adhere to their own corporate social responsibility, over the years actively sponsor sports events, funding public welfare, and committed to the concept of environmental protection The
Many people do not know what brand Montblanc is, in fact, Montblanc is Montblanc’s English name, is a well-known German brand, Montblanc Montblanc International is a subsidiary of Richemont in Germany, a fine pen, watches and accessories manufacturers. Was founded in 1906 in Hamburg, Germany by a stationery business, an engineer, and a banker. In 1911, the company was founded with the name of Simplo Filler Pen Company before adopting Montblanc’s trademark. The company was later owned by Dunhill and is now part of the Richemont form.
For nearly a century, Montblanc has been known for producing fine and high quality Replica Cartier jewelry writing tools. In the past few years, Montblanc’s product line gradually expanded, extended to the elegant writing accessories, watch industry, luxury leather and belt, jewelry and glasses. Montblanc has also become a spokesman for high-end products, reflects the contemporary era of high-quality design, long tradition and superb skills of rigorous demand.
For nearly a century, Montblanc Montblanc has been famous for making classic writing instruments. The name of the Montblanc represents the art of writing, the hexagonal white star mark of the pen, and the shape of the highest mountain peaks in Europe, which symbolizes the highest in Europe The highest point of the mountain is the elevation of 4810 meters above sea level, and the “4810” on each pen tip is the height of the Mont Blanc, which is usually used as a variety of theme. And pure hand-made, after 25 processes to create the writing, but also makes MONT BLANC writing tools such as Mont Blanc as solid and noble.
Classical and classic are often gathered in one. When the technology in our lives in the ever-changing development of the ancient culture of the magic evolved into the hearts of art. “Slow down the pace, enjoy life” is the philosophy of Montblanc. In Montblanc’s products, you can see the human time with the spirit of sharpening, see a period of precipitation for nearly a hundred years of culture.
What brand is Montblanc?
How about Montblanc
With the Swiss watchmaking process, the Montblanc watch series will be excellent tradition and perfect design clever combination. The hexagonal white star of the table and the side of the case engraved Meisterstück words, to convey it with the world famous MontBlanc pencils consistent with the excellent quality.
Boucheron is the jewelery company of the French Kering Group. In 1858, only 28-year-old designer Boucheron set up his own brand and opened boutiques in Paris, the most fashionable royal palaces, designed many precious jewels, Watch and perfume. The 21st century, Boucheron adhere to the brand’s unique traditional www.ourlovestore.com connotation, become bold and luxurious synonymous with modern jewelery.
Boucheron Brand Introduction
Boucheron always holds the pulse of the times, drawing inspiration from Russian ballet, cubism, decorative arts, African art and popular arts. Boucheron’s glorious career continues to advance, its unique design process and conquered the Sofia Roland, Nicole Kidman, Julian Moore, Susan Sarandon and other world superstar, but also by the Indian borders, Iran King, and the British, Bulgarian and Egyptian royal family of all ages.

Now, Boucheron has become an international brand, in Europe, Russia, the United States, Japan, Korea and China Taiwan and other places to open boutiques, and in mainland China opened the first boutique – Bund 18 stores. Boucheron is one of the few jewelers in the world who have always maintained high quality jewelery and watch craftsmanship and traditional style.

from the initial material selection to the final boutique factory are used very strict Of the production

Avisino IBSO is a modern factory. The park is fully equipped. Home technology research and development, design, production, logistics as one of the watch movement, case, strap and table manufacturing group. Production base in Guangzhou. By the company’s construction in Guangdong Guangzhou Yuncheng West Road Creative Park a total investment of 6.8 million yuan, with 1366 square
At present, the industrial park has been completed and put into production of the organic core, steel shell, into the table, tungsten steel, industrial chain begun to take shape. The company’s flagship “IBSO” brand watches all use the company’s own brand of movement, steel and other accessories.
IBSO master the core to lead the future; is Peng Chi launched the world’s exclusive personality of the brand watches.
IBSO inherited the “watch kingdom” Swiss superb watchmaking technology, and the personalized Chinese elements and unique hollow quartz movement cleverly integrated into the watch design, creating a series of unique personality, highly respected boutique fashion imitation Cartier love bracelet wrist Table, and by the wide acclaim, so that the brand more personalized, more influential.
As the rise of the Chinese watch industry in recent years, the new star, IBSO brand to “design the way to inherit the unique charm” for the design concept, the use of Swiss standard watchmaking Seiko manufacturing, from the initial material selection to the final boutique factory are used very strict Of the production and evaluation measures to ensure that every IBSO personality watch in the customer’s mind “label” are “fashion, classic, art”.
“Grasp the core, to lead the future” is Pengchi’s development goals, “quality of survival,” the credibility of promoting development “is Peng Chi’s business philosophy, it is so demanding standards and customer sincere attitude, making Peng Chi brand personality hollow watch in a very short period of time continue to grow and develop, brand awareness continues to expand.
“China’s core, national industry,” Peng Chi technology is first-class equipment, first-class talent, first-class concept, to create first-class Donglong watch industry chain for the development of China’s watch industry to contribute their own strength!
When we see the word “Barton watch” will be associated with the World War II US generals generals, five-star general Barton. The Barton watch officially to commemorate the World War II outstanding in the Barton generals, by the Swiss watch family in the name of Barton, set the Swiss watch the essence of a hundred years, designed to create a unique timepiece for. Let the watch home to let you introduce it!
Patton watch brand profile
1950, the Swiss watch family, to commemorate the two heroes of the heroes of the heroes in the name of Barton, set the Swiss watch a hundred years the essence of the design to create a masterpiece of the timepiece, its superb watchmaking process, unique Of the design style, all highlight the generation of famous strategists, Zhuo and extraordinary life, this classic timepiece is the Swiss watch industry few boutique for the Swiss watch is a hundred years of cultural enrichment essence.
At the beginning of the creation, the Barton table has always been to adhere to the quality of the brand core, each watch are pure hand polished, crafted and crafted. Its collection of top-level watch jewelry classic style of the essence of the classic style, to promote simple and elegant style, focusing on the integration of fine and art, coupled with the ultimate movement of the top precision, exquisite watchmaking technology, and global synchronization of strict testing technology, the details The ultimate Replica Cartier jewelry pursuit to ensure that every Barton table is dazzling, handed down the boutique.
Since then, after more than half a century of baptism, the Barton table with its superb production process, the ultimate hand-polished, excellent timing function, the details of the perfect pursuit, and Zhuoer extraordinary quality to win the love of many people love, The Barton table also shines in the precipitation of time.
The economic development of the 21st century is more diversified and globalized. With the deepening of the degree of opening to the outside world, the Swiss watch industry has won the opportunity of rapid development. The export market share of the watch industry has increased greatly. The ambitions of the world have brought great opportunities, and the Asian emerging markets, but also Barton table open up the soil, the best choice for the grand exhibition.
In 2010, Patton’s shining pearl of Swiss watches rose like a sun in Asia. Barton table with its stylish and elegant design, superb production process, the ultimate waterproof function, and the perfect pursuit of quality will be won through the launch of the Asian market, but also in the Asian market set off a Barton wave, can have a Button table Is a symbol of identity, a taste of the interpretation.
Today, the Barton table Podtss, under the efforts of Patton and its successors, has developed into a world-renowned Swiss watch brand, its traditional Swiss craftsmanship, the perfect pursuit of detail, and all in the Barton watch Of the watch design.
Baige table is the Swiss watch brand, although he is not like Rolex, Omega as well known. But their own unique understanding of the watch into each watch design and production. In many Swiss small minority watch brand is also one of the outstanding brands. The following watch home to come to introduce you to Baige watch it!
Yi Yi watch Borg watches brand introduction
At the end of the nineteenth century, at the end of the nineteenth century, there was a technically sophisticated watch technician Balco Viadumir in Zurich, Switzerland, who founded his own watch workshop with his own years of wealth to understand his watch and his skill Skills into the design and production, and spread to his descendants. In the mid-twentieth century, the global economic recovery, new technology, new ideas to the traditional watch industry launched a challenge. Balco Viadumir’s descendants inherited his career and followed the development of the times, constantly innovating technology and improving quality, injecting vitality into the business. To commemorate Balco Viadumir, his descendants in his name founded the balco [Baige] watch company, in the inheritance of the same time, a family business evolved into the traditional superb skills and modern design in www.ourlovestore.com perfect combination of the model, to establish the Bago’s brand philosophy.
Since 2002 to enter the Chinese market, China has more than 200 points of sale, sales network throughout the major cities in China, and in major cities with more than 30 after-sales service center to provide in line with international standards Of the maintenance service. Baige table designer on the Chinese watch market consumption characteristics, specially designed to meet the Chinese consumer tastes of the six major mainstream products: FEEL time series, B-SHARP geometric series, TOUCH truth series, AM really my female watch series , SPEED fast moving series, MECHANIC automatic mechanical watch series, has been recognized by consumers, laid the future development of the market in Baggio.
Baige table attaches great importance to the production process of the watch, every process and every detail to strive for perfection. “Wisdom integration, simple and refined” for the purpose of the perfect design and superb technology pouring to the watch which continue to create including the leading design and elegant, classic design of the deep product, and finally achieved today’s results.